Do you want to know who I am?

I don’t know about you, but I like to know something about the person who I’m talking to so here is everyones chance to ask me a question about myself.

What would you like to know?

Wait, I’ve seen this one…That’s why you carry the American Express card, right?


Nicklz …

Do you by any chance look like Thomas Jefferson?

How about a buffalo?



okay really ask me a question, anything.

<<<Student at Marshall University, of coarse I have no idea what I’m going to major in, so don’t ask.>>>>

I’m confused, can I ask about this that you told me NOT to ask you about??? :wink:

Best quality?
Worst quality?
What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?
What’s the worst?
Who’s your favorite Winnie the Pooh character, and why?

So, how’s your love life going? (Okay, you don’t have to answer that.)

Do you want me to stalk you? (Just on these boards, and of course in a joking way. No scary person here. No sir-ree bob. :))

And don’t worry about your major. I still don’t know what I am going to do and I am a junior at a Uni. Bleh.

Favorite movie
(mine = Willy Wonka)

Favorite CD
(mine = Todd Snider’s Songs for the Daily Planet)

Favorite opera/operetta
(mine = Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach)

Favorite TV commercial
(mine = Pampers baby animals spot)

pop culture here:

10 questions for you!

favorite koolaid flavor?

favorite snack cake?

favorite fast food restaurant?

favorite brand of shoe?

favorite tv show?

favorite pop icon?

favorite pop tart?

favorite landmark?

favorite candy bar?

boxers or briefs?

by Nicklz:

Then shouldn’t you want to ask me some questions?

by Anti Pro:

I’d stay away from anything that involves spelling and/or typing. :wink:

Isn’t this what profiles are for?

Anti Pro
I’m not in college anymore, I quit because towards the end of the year I’ll be employed through my father’s land brokerage company. It’s better money than what I was going through school to become anyway.

best quality - my ability to make friends, I can talk to anyone about almost anything.
worst quality - I have no patience for some kinds of people.
best thing I’ve ever done - are all the small favors towards complete and total strangers.
worst thing I’ve ever done - embezzelment (is that how it’s spelled)
favorite Pooh character - Pooh of coarse, why? because he is always eating honey, why? cause he has the munchies, why? cause he is taking bong hits

love life - sexually I’m being taken care of :D, but in all honesty I wish I could find love.
And yes, you can stalk me anytime :smiley:

fav movie - humm…tuff one…okay I got it Fav new movie Gone in Sixty Seconds because I love to drive fast and could name every one of the cars in that movie. Fav old movie Smokey and the bandit or Gumball can you tell I like fast cars and racing?

**Fav CD[b/]
Uh…fav all time Cd was SMASH from Offspring, it’s just so full of energy

fav opera - I don’t know any opera, sorry

fav tv commercial - The Bud frog commercials

** News Baboon**
grape flavor koolaid
little debbie sweet rolls
Taco Bell
Aguleria - only because she’s hotter than brittney
Strawberry poptarts with no icing
Statue of Liberty
Baby Ruth
definitely boxers or sometimes I go completely free

All right someone slap me that is like the second time I’ve messes up the vB code in the last 3 days


feel better now?

If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

::d & r::
Cut or uncut?

::runs faster::

Dignan, I scanned all his posts to thi s particular thread up until your post and couldn’t really find that many mistakes. He missed a possessive apostrophe in the OP and probably shouldn’t have used the reflexive first person pronoun. You could also say he didn’t capitalise and punctuate scru pulously but there’s much worse on this message board.

On the other hand, maybe you should practise what you preach. You quoted part of Nicklz’ sig as though it were by Anti Pro.

Between the two of you, I’d say Nicklz did t he better job of communicating effectively, which is the whole rationale that prescriptivists use to justify their criticisms of other people’s writing and speech.

Prescriptive, pedantic attitudes like your’s are as boring as this post of mine has just b een. But it is especially grating when the critic makes errors whilst making their point.
[sub]Please excuse my starting a sentence with But and spelling capitalise with an s in addition to all my other crimes against Merriam-Webster. I am but an illiterate fork-liftdriver[/sub];)l


No I wouldn’t and I’m cut thank you very much

It’s always nice when other people get your back and you don’t have to do anything. Thank you.

Come on people you can do better than this. I will answer any question, completely and honestly, that you ask me. Whatever it may be.
this is also your chance to try to
get some dirt on me, for future use

Did it ever occur to you that maybe nobody really cares?

Probably not Green Bean, since this is shaping up as a fairly active thread. If nobody really cared then they wouldn’t open it surely. Give the guy a break. He’s said nothing malicious or really stupid or distasteful or ignorant. Save the cheap sho ts for someone who’ll bite back because it seems to me that this guy is too good-natured to do so.

[sub]Roaming the Internet as a free-lance guardian angel and busy-body.[/sub]s

Uh, have you read any of his other threads and posts? By his own admission he:

–Drinks and drives.
–Lied to his customers when he was a car salesman.
–Feels free to be cruel to someone because he stutters.

Sounds pretty malicious, stupid, distasteful, and ignorant to me.