Do you wear clothes that advertise/announce where you live?

When I was in Canada, I got a rugby shirt–big and red with white letters that say Canada across the chest. Not my typical thing, but it’s a long story why I had to get it.

Now, whenever I wear it out, I invariably get asked if I’m from Canada. :dubious: :confused: My association with shirts/hats/clothes that emblazon a geographic location is usually of a place you have visited, not usually a place you’re from.

So, how much of your wardrobe (if any) consists of clothes that specify a geographic location related to your current residence?

I have a slew of T’s and sweatshirts from Cape May, my favorite vacation town, and numerous other souvenir T’s from trips, but not a single “Philly” item. I probably would if I went to school here or were a sports fan, but neither of those is the case.

I have some from school. I don’t have any that say my city on them. I think my sister does, though.

I wouldn’t be opposed to buying a shirt with my city on it, but I don’t go out of my way to do so.

On the other hand, I’m hoping to move to Austin next year and will most likely end up with some clothing that says Texas on it. I live in Missouri now and Missouri t-shirts just don’t tend to be very interesting.

I have some shirts from where I went to school, but that’s it. The only people who wear NYC shirts are the tourists.

I have sports clothing as well, but mostly I’m thinking of my clothing that has the name of local businesses - those are my favorite. They don’t even necessarily say the name of the city (or maybe just in the small print). I really do get a kick out of wearing them when I’m out of town, and then encountering other people also from my town who recognize the shirt. I’ll get shout-outs at beaches and airports and other places where it is appropriate to wear t-shirts or other clothing with logos. Oh, and because I’m from Buffalo, you can have just the picture of a buffalo (instead of spelling out the name).

I just realized that I’m posting in my pajamas, which have little buffaloes on them.

Nope. And as a rule I try never to wear clothing with logos or words on it. I am no man’s billboard!

I have a Washington Nationals baseball cap that I wear. Who would wear such a cap if they weren’t from DC? I also have a teeshirt that is the outline of DC that I wear around the house when no one is looking.

I have a few UK shirts, as does everyone in the state who isn’t heathen (ie, Louisville fan.) I even considered getting one of those “Gettin’ luck in Kentucky” shirts, but never have. But something with my actual town on it? No, I simply don’t see the point in it.

I have one football (soccer) shirt for my local team, Ross County.

I have one shirt related to where I live and a few hundred related to places I visit. I like every other town in the universe more than I do here.

Hometown is a difficult concept for me: it could be: (1) where I was born (and have lived on and off for a total of about 10 years), (2) where I spent about 7 of my first 10 years of life, (3) where I’ve lived for most of my life (i.e., for more than 30 years), or (4) where I’ve lived for the last 10 years.

(For those taking notes, they are Sydney, Leeds, Newcastle NSW, and Columbus OH, respectively).

I have several garments advertising each of the last two.

I don’t generally, but I just bought a shirt with the longitude and latitude of a nearby town on it. I liked the shirt. I do own a Seattle Mariners shirt, but don’t wear it often.

I have absolutely nothing related to my hometown, but (somewhat ironically, given the OP) I have two sweatshirts that say “Ignace” (Ontario) and “Nova Scotia.” I also have one that says “Alaska.” And a couple NFL-licensed items, but none for the local team.

I’ve got a couple Houston Astros baseball hats that I got free as game-day souvenirs, but that’s pretty much it. I’d wear a shirt or jacket with a company logo on it if it helps the wheels of business turn more smoothly, but I’m not required to. Otherwise, I don’t wear clothes bearing logos, adverts or emblems of any kind.

I think there’s a difference between clothes with a city, state or province name on them and clothes with a country name on them. For some reason, I think of city-clothes as touristy and country-clothes as patriotic. If I saw you in your Canada shirt, I would assume you were Canadian. If I saw you in a Florida shirt, I would assume you vacationed there.

I have several team shirts from the school I coach at otherwise no.

I’m about two hours from Morgantown, WV, and it’s astounding, the amount of crap you can get with the WVU logo on it! For those not familiar (and I’m guessing that’s a lot of you), WVU, West Virginia University, has a popular and well-regarded football team. I am not a sports fan.

However. . .it’s colder here than it was where I moved from in Maryland, and I pick up hoodies, jackets, sweat shirts, etc. that are comfortable and well-priced. One day, I was in Gabriel Bros. (deep discount dept. store) when they had these ultra-warm fleece hoodies for $7.99! They were all navy blue with the gold WVU logo embroidered on them. Sigh. But so cozy and warm, and at such a reasonable price, I couldn’t resist!

I like WV, geographically. But I’m not “proud” of living here. My reasons for moving here have nothing to do with pride. So forgive me for not going out of my way to display my “local pride” with WVU bedroom slippers! (Yes, you can get them; much too readily, imho).

I picked “only items related to a school or local sports franchise”, with the caveat that I have a bunch of England rugby jerseys, which I guess advertise where I used to live.

I think it’s tacky, wearing clothes blatting where you live, your team, or where you went on vacation. This goes for names of stores (Abercrumbie & Filth, Old Navy) or food and drink. ( Just this morning I noticed the box of Pop-tarts invites me to buy a shirt with a Pop-tarts design - hey, how about a coupon for money off???) I have zero interest in sports or ‘the team’ and wouldn’t wear an orange and blue sweatshirt if you held a gun to my head, anyway.

I’ve been transplanted from Pittsburgh to D.C. So recently, I’ve been wearing a lot of Pgh stuff. I pull out my U. Pitt hoodie more than I used to. I have glasses and mugs with the city skyline, or the name, or the coat of arms on them. I have bumper stickers on my car sporting the black and gold (Pgh car stuff is huge down here) and every football Sunday, I wear my Polamalu jersey with my Terrible Towel.