The clothes you're wearing right now -- do you remember where it all came from?

Idle question. If you look down at what you’re wearing right now, can you remember at least approximately where and when you obtained each item?

Most days I can’t remember half of it. Today, though, the only thing I’m mystified by is my shoes. My polo shirt, undershirt, underwear and socks were all bought on my last trip to the US a few months ago. I’m wearing my dad’s old dress pants. My wife got me the belt a few years ago. But I can’t remember exactly when and where I got the sneakers I’m wearing. They’ve lasted at least ten years and are getting a bit worn.

Poll to follow, broken down by gender.

Yes. Today was pretty easy, but I usually remember even the nondescript dress shirts and pants without store-specific labels(department stores, thrift stores, gifts etc.)

Shirt - given out for free at a college basketball game in OK this spring
Shorts - bought at Dick’s sporting goods in TX this summer
Shoes - given to me by my little sister as a hand-me-down (hand-me-up?) when she stopped wearing them (over Christmas break I think)
Bra/panties - VS in TX, who knows when but at least a year ago
Purse - Target in TX, last summer
(no belt or socks - flats and running shorts)

The jammies came from Target a long time ago (they’re pretty ratty), and the undies from Kohl’s this last weekend. Maybe I should’ve answered this when I was actually dressed.

I don’t have many clothes, so I do remember where they came from, but I’m a little fuzzy on the when.

t-shirt - Causal Male
underwear -
pants - Old Navy

I answered male yes, but honestly I don’t recall when or where I got this garter belt.

Tshirt, sweater and undies from Target
Jeans from Banana Republic
Belt and bag from my favorite vintage store
Shoes from The Gap
I have these two thin beaded bracelets on though and I have no idea where they came from. Actually I usually wear three, but one has gone missing.

I bought the slacks and belt at Dillard’s Oak Court (in Memphis) during their Easter Sale, and the shoes from Macy’s Oak Court some time earlier. The polo shirt I got for free from my company during our last sales convention. The socks are probably from Macy’s too, as I would have bought them with shoes and I tend to buy my shoes there.

I’m wearing boxers. I got them in the mail 2 days ago.



Where I bought stuff is mostly easy. My wife works part time at Penney’s and several times a year they have deep discounts for employees. Actually the tee shirt I have on is a nice Ducks Unlimited one I was very happy to come across one year on vacation when I had to hit a Penney’s having forgot underware or something.

jeans and socks: Target (because that’s where I get all my jeans and white socks)
T-Shirt: former employer (the fact that the company’s name is on the breast is a strong clue)
underwear: Macy’s (because that’s where I get all my boxers)
belt: Pangea Vegan online store (because that’s where I get all my shoes and belts)

I have no idea why I just spent 5 minutes on this poll. But everyone in the house is asleep and I am bored.

Yup. Dark Castle Entertainment shirt from San Diego Comic-Con and a pair of pants from Target.

Shirt - Work shirt, that’s easy.
Shorts - yup. Last time I went to visit my friend out of town I forgot to bring something to sleep in so rather then sleeping in my jeans or underwear I ran to Target (about a block from her house) and grabbed a pair of workout type shorts and being almost 10pm, that’s what I’m wearing now since I usually sleep in them.
I’m not wearing footwear other then socks but my tennis shoes I just got last week from Kohls, my slippers are just about ready to disintegrate, but I got them about 5 years ago at Boston Store and they’ve since been discontinued and I can’t find another pair I like as much and my boots I got because they were required footwear for my Motorcycle Safety class, I got them at Famous Footwear.

I just looked through my wardrobe and know which store everything came from. The timing I’m not so sure about

I shop at Sears, so yeah, I know where everything came from.
I never claimed to be fashionable.

Yeah, there’s only a handful of places I buy clothes so it’s pretty easy. Bras are always Lane Bryant, drawers are always Wallie World, pants are usually Kohls, shirts are typically Kohls, Threadless or Target.

I bought these boxers at Costco about two years ago.

Top and Jeans: Kohl’s
Bra: Lane Bryant website
Panties: Victoria’s Secret
Ring, toe rings and earrings: three different ebay sellers

The only thing I don’t know is my wedding set (rings), because that was purchased by my husband.

Shirt & capris - Kohls
Bra - Nordstrom
Knickers - Avenue
Sandals - DSW
Hair band & nail polish - Targe Boutique (aka Target)
Glasses - Heavy Glare

The shorts I have on were probably purchased at Mervyns, I dunno, maybe 7-8 years ago. The shirt - I really couldn’t say. Same with the underwear. The socks, on the other hand, were just picked up at the local Costco about a month ago.

I got my jeans last week at Old Navy, my skivvies at Wally World last year and my T-shirt last night at Dunham’s.