Do you wish it were EASIER or HARDER for you to cry?

Easier. I used to cry all the time when I was a kid (Now-Me would probably kick Then-Me’s ass for it) but now that I’m an adult I tend to box it all in and get very very angry instead, a trait I’d rather give up.

What Buckler of Swashing said, pretty much to the letter.

Neither. When I was a kid, I cried at everything. I had thin skin and everything upset me. When I realized that crying makes it worse, keeps you dwelling on the bad shit, keeps you depressed and wallowing, I stopped.
For me, crying *is * a weakness. On the rare occasions I cry, I end up mad at myself for indulging in a pityfest, which only makes it worse. So I don’t cry.
I’ll get choked up now and then, but full out sobbing hasn’t happened in years.

Why would someone want to cry?

I kind of got moist-eyed at the end of “Mystery, Alaska” when the NY Rangers thumped their sticks for the local players, but besides that - no thanks. I just don’t see the point.

You probably remember those stereotypical maiden aunts in the old movies that would advise their distraught nieces, “Have a good cry, dear – you’ll feel better.”

They may have been right.

Because it’s way better than vomiting, which is what I tend to do instead when I’m really, *really * upset. It leaves me nearly as red-eyed and puffy as crying, and it’s way harder on my throat. Plus, ya know, gross.

I’m just not a crier. Once in a while my eyes will well up, and I might even take one or two of those deep, rattley, sobby breaths, and then, it just… passes.

Harder. Like Buckler of Swashing, I tend to cry when I’m angry, and I hate that.

It’s also embarassing when I cry at stupid things like the Visa commercial where the dog gets lost in the forest and his family doesn’t realize it and drives away, but different people help him get cross-country, and he finally gets home to his fam…bwaaahh! Yeah, that doesn’t make me feel too cool.

Hmm, does crying actually regulate hormones/endorphins or are tears just an indicator of the level of these chemicals in the body? I’m all in favor of increasing endorphins, but I’m not so sure I want to mess with “Prolactin — the hormone that regulates milk production in mammals”.

I’m sure it’s a guy thing with me. I can play with little kids and kittens, raise beautiful roses, and drive a tiny economy car, but crying or wearing pink? No.

Puking sounds very effective especially if someone in particular is upsetting you - Projectile all over the S.O.B! “It’s not you, I just think we should see other…”
<blurrp>. Messy at funerals, tho.

I a male and have been an anger crier all of my life. It gets triggered when I am trapped by someone that is verbally assaulting me and can’t release at all. That could be a boss, family member, etc. It has been embarrassing at times. It almost always happens with someone I feel I can’t give it back to such as a work superior, an older person, or a person with other perceived authority. It often takes hours to get over and the response is very physical. I have a bad temper and that is simply the channel that it takes in that situation. It doesn’t happen because I usually give people extremely stern warnings before it does but occasionally someone will continue. It is either that or some type of violence at that point.

Neither. I just wish I could control it more. Sometimes a good cry is just like a cleansing of the soul. Today Ms Seenidog left for school, she will be gone for three weeks, and I had tears running down my cheeks in front of all my sons’ freinds that were present. It was embarassing. It was like when we dropped the eldest off at the airport to go to the army. On the drive home there was wailing and crying and OMG my baby is gone, and then momma bear started in…

Aha. A display of respect. I knew I wasn’t the only one.