Do your kids get Valentine Presents?

My wife got offended when I commented that Valentine’s Day isn’t a gift giving holiday. By which I meant, it is not like Christmas. She got the girls marshmallow chocolate hearts, which is fine, but they are also getting new shoes. When I was growing up, the only time we could expect to get “stuff” was Christmas and birthdays.

There might be chocolates on Valentine’s day, and Easter would come with lots of candy from the Easter egg hunt. The only things given would fall under the category of treats, themed for the holiday. There was no such thing as an “Easter Present” or any kind of gift that would be the same sort of thing you might get for your birthday, like a video game.

For Valentines, there is the expectation that you would get some kind of present for your lover or SO, but my wife seems to think that extends to the children as well, making Valentine’s like Christmas, but in smaller quantity.

So in your household, can the children expect presents on Valentine’s and Easter, making them like smaller versions of Christmas?

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No, not from us at least. They exchange valentines with their friends (at least until middle school) and get candy a-plenty. But no presents from their parents.