Doc, I like you but anal leakage, no way

I still don’t get it. You are minorly irritated at your doctor for making a health-care related suggestion? Is he or she supposed to be able to read your mind as to what health-care related suggestions you are likely to be in favor of before he speaks?

Let’s see if I can explain it.

Anal leakage! Aaaaaagghh!

Taking Alli but skipping it if you’re going to eat a high-fat meal is missing the point: it’s supposed to work like aversion therapy, conditioning you you after a few horrible incidents so that you will never again even think about eating a high-fat meal.

That’s how I see the drug working—you’re so terrified you’re going to have an accident you’ll never eat anything high-fat ever again.

Yeah, thanks, but a world without the occasional sinful meal isn’t worth living in, and I’d just as soon not crap my pants.

Anyway, it does actually help - you still get the mouthfeel and, in my experience, feeling of satisfaction from having a bit of fat in your diet, but you don’t digest it all.

Come on, dude, it works! Look at how skinny that basset hound puppy is!