Doc Watson died

Not a bluegrass fan but thought people would want to know

RIP, Doc.

Sad that I lumped him in with so many other soulless pickers…found out only fairly recently he was much more than that. RIP, sir…you are a true legend.

RIP Doc. If there’s an afterlife, I’m sure you’re there picking with Uncle Earl. :frowning:

Thanks to older brothers and sisters, I found out about Doc at an early age. Saw him play, touched his arm, I’m glad I did.

RIP Doc. Start jamming again with Merle.

You got that right.

I passed up a couple of opportunities to go to Merlefest back when I lived in that part of the country and have been kicking myself ever since. There’s a lot of great guitar players in that I’ll still have a chance to go see, but I don’t think there’s anyone else like Doc.

Terrific musician.

We got to see him at the Folklife Festival in DC in the late 90s. My wife was like a teenager at a Beatles concert. The demographics there were interesting–lots of tattoos and leather, and kids who looked, uh, like bluegrass and old-style country music wouldn’t be their first musical choice, but who clearly were very familiar with Doc and who were there specifically to see him. I inferred that he had quite a following among serious guitarists of all stripes.

just heard this on the radio.

a great musician.

he played with many people and was well liked by other musicians. any player liked by so many other musicians has to be fabulous.

on record and in performance he was always so mellow. it does a body good to listen to it.

One of those revered guitarists that I always felt I should get to know but never did.


Was lucky enough to see him play with David Grisman several years ago. Incredible talent, we lost a true national treasure that not enough of us knew or appreciated.

Greatly enjoyed him at Merlefest in 2006, what a real treat to see such a talented musician have such fun doing something he clearly loved. I’m not a religious or spiritual person much but I like to think he and his son are together again; what a heartache to bury your child.
My mom’s traveling and this will make her so sad; my folks live in Wilkes County and Doc was such a well-loved man for his work on behalf of the college.

Bummer. :frowning:

Rats. I went to a local fundraiser for the high school and actually got to shake his hand afterwards in Johnson County, TN.

RIP Doc, you corrupted my world view with bluegrass; and I’ve always enjoyed it ever since then…

Absolutely a great musician. One who changed the instrument. Goodbye and thankya, Doc.

I finally got to see him play last year, and it was just as amazing as it should be. He never lost the touch in old age.

I bagged groceries and carried them out to the car for him and his wife for about a year before I knew who he was. I thought he was a doctor because everyone called him “Doc.”

he did lots of music.

people might know him from only one of his genres. he was well versed in folk, bluegrass, blues, country and gospel music. he did them all well.

Really wonderful player - his influence on guitar as a front-and-center instrument in Americana/bluegrass playing his huge.

This…Music is not, by itself, a humanistic pursuit. In the profession, you’re going to encounter people who are much better musicians than they are human beings, and still get honest respect. When the pros like one of their own as a human being, that’s the ultimate.