Docta G, kiss my red-white-and-blue ass

Disclaimer 1: This post will be more disclaimer than content

Commentary on disclaimer: That’s because I don’t want anyone to think that I’m the kind of person who engages in jingoism or American Extremism with any kind of frequency. In fact, I’m pretty sure this pitting is as close as you’ll ever find me getting to either on the SDMB

Disclaimer 2: The American political system is incredibly fucked up. I’ve complained about it frequently, and you’ll often find me proposing or discussing various ways it could be improved
That said… this post is pretty fucking obnoxious. So I will put aside reason and restraint for a moment…
Docta G: Go back to China, you fucking communist. What, you’re not from China? Well, I bet you’re from some pansy-ass tea-sipping cheese-making country whose ass we saved in WWII. And if not, then you’re probably from some terrorist jackoff country that we’re going to be turning into pavement any time now. So fuck off and ram your condescending attitude up your asshole. You know how badly we fucked up the world back when Bush was president? Well, it almost makes me think it was worth it, knowing that the rest of the world is full of shitheads like you.

I fully support this pitting. What a jerkish thing to bring into a thread. I suspect a mod note or warning will ensue.

9/10. It needs more insult. Please, more heat, less light, next time.

Pitifully weak pitting.

If all Americans were capable of informed, erudite discussion of political matters it would have a point. As it is, it’s just a jingoistic (despite the disclaimer) rant with little, or no, relevance.

By the way, disclaimer of my own, America is far from alone in the average person’s ignorance of political matters.

If all Americans were alike then your defense of the statement would have a point.

I’ll bet he’s not even a real “Docta.”

If I’d said “any” and not “all” your comment would be valid. As I didn’t, it’s nonsensical.

You didn’t. The link did.

The link didn’t explicitly state “all”, but it certainly seems to be implied. I would not support a statement that no Americans are capable of cogently discussing politics, but I am sure that it is the case that a lot of bollocks is spoken about politics in the US (as is true of everywhere).

A Jingo ate your baby!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. And yay for the OP.

Who the fuck watches retards play chess?

Parents of the retards?

Well, the good Docta’s post was pretty obnoxious, but responding by making a pit thread full of dumb jingoism isn’t really that helpful. It could even be read as confirming his opinion.

A likely story.

Well, Docta G claims he’s from Washington state, so I guess what we just saw him do in that post is try to move his knight diagonally three and up four, knocking over several pieces in the process.

It was extremely helpful. It helped me calm down and feel better.

One-liner troll: SUCCESSFUL, bait taken, whole new thread awaiting attention-harvest.

I could overlook everything else, but you Yanks really have to start realising that attention to the processes of good cheese-making is a VIRTUE for a country, not a weakness.

Docta G is right, though, I’m afraid - but what he says about Americans is true for people from most parts of the globe. Observing political discussions, for instance those in GD, has repeatedly made me question whether universal suffrage is really a good idea.

Well, if living down to the shittiest stereotypes of Americans makes you feel good, then, enjoy, I guess.