Doctor Who 4x06 - The Doctor's Daughter

Just started, thought I’d start up the discussion thread.

The Doctor’s daughter isn’t bad looking :smiley: and poor Martha is as bad as she was in the last episode and whole of last season :rolleyes:

It won me back a tiny little bit towards the end. It was painfully obvious the daughter would die defending her dad, I just didn’t think she’d return. I quite liked her… Not sure if we’ll ever see her again though.

Overall not too bad. Martha was OK but then I’ve never really had a problem with her in small doses. I like the Catherine Tate character more and more (but not enough to actually remember her name…).

I predict Catherine Tate’s character will die. She seems a little too happy and eager following the doctor around.

Ruined before the credits, must be some sort of record. As MJinks said, it did get better towards the end, and I suppose it was an ok episode, it was just disappointing after being teased with her being the docters actual daughter. I still don’t think what is basically a clone (bar a few dna changes) really counts as a daughter. I did miss a few bits though whilst cooking tea, so maybe it will be better when I rewatch it later.

Loved this one! Once more, an episode with a very old Who style but none the worse for that. I’m glad Jenny survived and got off the planet - she’ll surely turn up again - and she doesn’t half scrub up well. I think I read that the actress is Peter Davison’s daughter.

Donna continues to impress, but I share the worry upthread about her future. There seems to be a theme of choice throughout this series, and I worry that the Doctor will be forced to make a choice that is akin to the one that Sophie had to make.

Come to think of it, was there an explanation of why the Tardis wasn’t able to translate the Hath speech?

Visitors came just a few minutes after the opening credits, so I’ll have to catch the repeat on the Beeb (or Youtube :wink: ), but when the tv listings described the Doctor’s “daughter”, in quotation marks, I immediately thought she had to be a clone. But before I could reward myself for thinking ahead, it wasn’t from the DNA looms of Gallifrey :smack:

Any appearance from Nigel Terry is always welcome though :smiley:

Replying to myself: She is indeed, and she’s also Sandra Dickinson’s daughter. That’s a whimsical UK-based SF heritage and a half! :smiley:

It’s on iPlayer already.

I think I’m in love.

Really hope we see more of her.

Thanks, I didn’t think to try that. It should be available on Virginmedia’s catch up TV too, I’ll try that tomorrow when I’m back at mine.

Fnarr fnarr.

I liked the episode too, it wasn’t one of the greats but it was enjoyable. I didn’t like the Hath creature design though, whoever is responsible should be sacked.

A nice bit, and I’m sure it was deliberate, Jenny’s apparent death and revival mirrors the regeneration scene in the TV Movie.

I found the episode trite and cliched. What happenned to the TARDIS translator?

Thought it was the weakest episode of the season so far… the whole scene with the Doctor crying over the dying Jenny was amazingly bad…

Doctor Who: The Search for Spock.

It was a rather too predictable ending, but I liked the coda, so I live in hope of seeing more of Jenny, as she was rather likeable.

The pun of the week

The setup - the TARDIS was drawn to Jenny, but arrived too early. And it’s early arrival caused Jenny to be created.

The punchline - “It’s a par o’ docs”
(or maybe I’m just imagining it)

I enjoyed the episode enough. My initial thought was “why didn’t the Doctor stick around for two hours just in case maybe she would regenerate?” but I can fanwank that away by saying “well, he probably did, but since she’s still kinda different, so it must have taken longer for her” so it’s alright. Did anyone else think when she first woke up that she was going to be evil, though? No? Just me?

Also, that Hath friend that Martha had was marked from the beginning, I thought. Those sorts of characters practically always die, I just wish it had been from something a little better than because Martha tripped and fell in a puddle.

[Nitpick]So if Jenny comes back to life at the end because she essentially regenerated, why was she the same person?[/Nitpick]

I thought this episode was average bordering on bad. I find the Doctor’s whole extreme pacifism thing really boring and it’s being done to death too - first him practically vomiting at the sight of guns in the last episode and that whole “I never would” bit at the end which I found excruciating. I’m all for the exploration of ethics and choice but the way Nu Who does it is by essentially saying you’re either a paragon of virtue or a murderous bloodthirsty savage with only one killing in between the two. It’s laughably simplistic.

Because she’s not, strictly speaking, a Time Lord. And she’s not, strictly speaking, even offspring of the Doctor. But she does have some vestigial connections to him, and that’s enough.

Not only that but his stance was incredibly hypocritical; we’ve seen him wipe out large populations just in the previous episode (he may not have pulled the trigger but he would have and he built the bomb). His body count over the course of the new series is astoundingly high. The episode was some fun ideas (the seven days war) tied up in some really astoundingly stupid ones (war is now over because the Doctor smashed a ball, the failing translator, the violence is always bad except when I do it attitude). I wouldn’t mind seeing Jenny again but she needs a better writer.

On the other hand, going historical with Agatha Christie and giant bees next week sounds like fun…