Does a permanent DH in the NL change fantasy baseball draft strategy?

I’m talking mixed leagues, I haven’t played an NL only league in years. If you’d like to comment about how it’ll affect NL only leagues, please go ahead.

My guess is yes. You’ll get the players who only have utility eligibility in the NL now. On the other hand, you might not need to shy away from older guys who are gonna need more rest days or often get replaced late in games for defense.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I’m not considering.

That’s not really a factor. For this year, there aren’t any - fantasy eligibility is based off of last year’s usage or, for rookies, what position they’re listed at.

It bumps a couple guys up the list, but not by much. Ryan Braun is more rosterable, as is Matt Kemp. It increasing PT for a lot of the SF logjam by about 10% - but again, there aren’t a lot of enticing fantasy players in that lineup right now.

There are really only 4 Util-only players of note in fantasy right now. Nelson Cruz, Ohtani, Yordan Alvarez and Khris Davis. All AL players.

Nick Solak only has DH in ESPN leagues

Oh, and I was referring to years going forward as well since I’m sure NL DH is here to stay

As are a handful of others. He’s a late-round flier, and I’d personally like someone with some positional eligibility that late.

Another player of note is Kyle Schwarber. He’s an OF, but terrible in the field. He still played 155 games last year, so it’s not like he has a huge PT increase. But long term, it improves his rank.