Does any one remember this Coin Op Game?

It was basically a kind of racing game which was really fast moving played the computer. It was ( I think) a race to the finish with inter crosing paths , spilled fuel on the track on which you could slip and take some 10 360 degree turns. The background was basically yellow in colour with the obstacles around which you drive being green. Any place I could download this would be great.


PS : It is not road fighter.

Sounds a little like Rally X. Any hints on timeframe (early 80s, etc)?

Thats the one.Thanx a lot initech ! :smiley:

Useless fact: at a 1980 coin-op convention, Rally-X was named the Most Promising Game of the year. It wasn’t. That little yellow guy was. You know the one…he eats a lot.

Yet more info on Rally-X

There was another follow up to Rally X, I forget the name. More cars, bigger, different maps.

I used to play it a LOT. Funny thing was, the flags were always random, meaning some mazes were a lot harder than others. In some, it was virtually impossible to use all your smoke or crash a car or two.

This made for frustrating gameplay. Pacman was different. As you discovered the patterns, you got better, to the anger of the arcade manager.