Does anybody here Lust for Penny Arcade the way I do?

or how about Megatokyo?

Every monday, wensday, and friday I go out of my way to look up both Penny Arcade and Megatokyo. I have been enjoying both of these for about a year now and my enthuasim hasn’t wained yet.

And who’s your favorite PA character?
Gabe, Tycho, Div, Thomas, Chuck, or one of the girls?

But do you have a favorite Megatokyo character?
Piro, Largo, Seraphim, Boo, Dom or Ed?

/me is a certified Penny Arcade fanatic.

My favorite character is Gabe.

For those of you who are into gaming/programming/digital art/internet comics follow the link to the Penny Arcade.

Got Wang?