Does anybody here post on the snopes message boards?

I haven’t been on the snopes boards for a while, but I went in to do some posting, both adding a couple of new threads and commenting on existing threads, for the past week. At the bottom of the screen, it says that I may add new threads and that I may comment on existing threads, but when I post, I get a message saying that my posts will be held for an admin to approve. Well, my posts have not gotten approved, and I haven’t gotten any messages telling me why. I sent a private message to an admin, and he hasn’t replied to me.

Is there something going on over there, or is nobody over there doing admin duties?

I have wondered about that too.

I stopped posting on there when I realized that you HAVE to have your real name in your profile. :rolleyes:

I don’t think they have much manpower bandwidth, and are substituting tech workarounds to keep the boards from garbaging up.

It’s an expensive bitch to keep a forum active, available, responsive and “clean.” If not expensive in salaried moderation and oversight, then expensive in volunteer time. That’s the problem with sites like Yelp… they are trying to substitute bots and algorithms for real human review. As Snopes is (AFAIK) largely self-funded and (IMVHO) an extremely valuable resource, I’d cut 'em some slack on this.