Does anybody know anything about the Spainish(?) cartoon "Cantinflas"?

I saw a DVD on sale at Mal-Wart. Is it in Spainish? Is it worth watching? The DVD showed a picture of some strange monkey guy and a sexy woman.

You mean, this Cantinflas?

Are you sure it was a cartoon at all? Cantinflas was a Mexican comic actor, extremely popular in his home country. I suppose it’s possible they made a cartoon based on him, but I bet what you saw is a live action movie with a cartoon cover.

Well, there were some sort of educational cartoon clips with the character of Cantinflas.

But Cantinflas was an actor who made lots of movies. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I remembered it.

For some reason, very sexy ladies with very risqué wardrobe are not taboo in children shows in Latin America. (One has to remember the even more daring female hosts in live variety children shows in Latin America) Of course, when I was young I did not complain. :slight_smile:

The show was entertaining and it had good historical information, just imagine an animated Larry Gonick’s “The cartoon history of the universe” with Cantinflas at the helm.

And yes: This cartoon is in Spanish without subtitles.
From Memory:
A voluptuous lady is x-rayed by Roentgen:

Cantinflas: Oh no! She is dead!

Roentgen: Calm down Cantinflas! You never heard of the cathode rays?

Cantinflas: Of course! Don Fernando and Dona Isabel!

**Roentgen: ** ::Rolling eyes:: Those where the Catholic Reyes!! (Kings!)
Needless to say, the translation would kill many of the jokes since Cantinflas relied more on spoken puns.