Does anybody play Forge of Empires?

I’m an idiot. I waste far too much time on this stoopid game. Anybody else?

I was very bored one day, and the site I used to play Risk and Monopoly on shut down. I was also trying to ween myself from this place somewhat. I clicked on this monstrosity to see just how far you could actually get without spending any money. I figured it would be a very short run. Been about 3 years now. It used to be kinda fun. Then it almost turned into work. I wish I had the guts to just quit Cold Turkey. Thankfully, good snowfall means more skiing, and I’ll cut back (I hope).

Who else has no life?

I’ve been playing ‘Lord of the Rings Online’ for over 8 years.

I started for free, but consider it such a good game (and totally true to the spirt of the books) that I’ve put some money into it.
Of course the world is top-quality - but the scenery, game storyline (you play a minor character who meets various heroes from the books along the way), choice of classes and crafting system are also very good.
Visit Bag-end…find the Last Homely House…see the Stoned Trolls that captured Bilbo…explore Gollum’s cave - the magic just goes on and on. :smiley:

Sounds like fun! Stoned Trolls… that’s me.

Do you take part in the battles etc? Or do you, like me, just keep on developing what you have in isolation?

I do the Expedition for the rewards and used to plunder my neighbors mercilessly, but that’s kinda gotten tiresome. I avoid the Battleground as much as I can, but you can score lots of points there.

Raiaes hand. I’m not a gamer AT ALL, but lockdown forced me to do it. I’m now in it for the long haul.

I’m in Arctic Future, which shows how much I play.

Good Lord! Let me guess… you play about 7 different worlds, too?

God no, I’d still be scrabbling around in a mud hut if that was the case

Hell, I’m still playing Trimps.

About 18 months for me, I tend to camp though. Just entered PME.