Your year in gaming

What was your favorite game?

What did you play the most?

Any regrets?

Discover anything new that’s old?
This year I built a completely new system. It’s so very, very sexy. I love it. I also use it to play two games that work perfectly fine on my non-gaming laptop, “Heroes of the Storm” and “Rimworld.”

I’ve been focused on those two so much so that I haven’t really played anything else. My biggest regret was Fallout 4. While the game is decent enough I found I always went back to the two previously mentioned games.

I’m glad I didn’t buy Battlefront. I wouldn’t play it and it’d be a waste of money.

I’ve gotten really into boardgames again. My wife and I played Caverna and we really enjoyed it.

I started Armored Warfare as an alpha tester, and stayed with it. Made it 92% of the way through tier 8 on my way to the final tier tier 10 so far. It just keeps getting better the further you go up their ladder. Plus you learn a lot about the new generation of main battle tanks, like the new Russian Armata MBT, etc.

ETA. I bought a new laptop, one designed for high video quality in online gaming last summer. It’s made a big difference in the resolution and quality of the play.

Favorite Game: I love Darkest Dungeon so, so much. It’s still technically early access, but the version I was playing a few months ago was pretty much done, and I put 20 or 25 hours in it. I can’t freaking wait to get back to it upon the official release in January. It’s got some roguelike elements, some RPG elements, some base building elements, and a whole lot of flavor. It all comes together in a package that makes it my favorite game of 2015, and gives it an early lead for 2016.
Runners up: Massive Chalice and the two Old/New games below.

Played the Most: Diablo 3. Again. Even if I only pick it up a couple of times a year, I tend to put in a couple hundred hours each year, and 2015 was no exception.

Regrets: Not really many! Work less and play more games…?!

Old/New: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky was a JRPG trilogy originally released in 2004-2007 in Japan, but the first game was released in English on Steam in 2014, and the second game was released this year. They’re pretty easily the best JRPGs I’ve played in several years, and a couple of the best games I’ve played this year. A story that works and isn’t too stereotypically Japanese, good characters, a simple but fun ability system, and good combat. When I was a bit younger and more naive, I always wondered why JRPGs basically peaked in the 90s - why couldn’t they stop focusing on new graphics and just make more games like FF IV-VI, the Chrono games, Lufia II, Phantasy Star IV, etc? Well, duh, because competent stories with good characters turn out to be really hard to make. Trails in the Sky fits in that company, and scratches an itch that I had almost forgotten I had.
Other notable: I got into Tales of Maj’Eyal this year, and it was the runner up to Diablo 3 in the “most hours played” category. Great roguelike.

the game I’ve played the most this year was ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s an MMO survival game throwing you into an alien world swarming with prehistoric life ranging from trilobite to tyrannosaurs to wooly mammoths. It’s early access and the game has been changing constantly, usually in the form of adding new dinosaurs and new content such as swamp and arctic biomes. There’s supposed to be a major change to how tamed dinosaurs are balanced against wild dinosaurs and I assume that will potentially drive a number of people off (right now, tames are way over-powered compared to wild but that’s what a lot of people are used to). But I’ve put nearly 300 hours into building a base with a few friends, taming critters and making increasingly complex improvements.

Most fun was probably Mad Max. Every criticism about it is accurate: it rehashes mechanics from other WB games and is repetitive and the plot barely qualifies as a story. But I had a blast every moment I spent racing over dried ocean salt flats and harpooning War Boys when I wasn’t on foot and crushing skulls and spines in hand-to-hand combat. Driving was fun, combat felt visceral and the whole experience never left me bored despite its “do this… again” narrative.

I’m still working my way through Fallout 4 and enjoying myself although I’ve been selecting ARK over it the last couple days (mainly since friends have been available over the holidays). There’s valid complaints to be made and if I had a magic wand, I’d change at least a half dozen things but Fallout has always been more milieu than mechanics for me and I can overlook much of it as I’m tromping through the wastelands.

While it was only a few bucks and so not much of an investment, I really thought I’d enjoy Transistor more than I did. The art and music are wonderful but the combat didn’t appeal to me at all. Others rave about it so I can’t call it a bad game so much as a game disappointingly not for me. Soundtrack is nice though.

More of a disappointment was Witcher 3. People are calling this the best RPG in recent years but I never fell in love with it like most had. When I reached the big city, the pacing of the game totally fell off the rails and it became a dull slog. I set it aside and never returned to it. I’d like to, but I never find myself ready to do it.

I don’t think I discovered any old gems that I can recall. End of last year I did Stalker: Call of Pripyat and Titan Quest but not sure if I really hit any this year. I did put a new R9 290X in with my old ass i7-860 though so that should count for something.

Favorite game of the year by far was Life is Strange.

Played the most? Probably Spelunky.

I’m a bit disappointed in Undertale. I’ve played for about 3 or 4 hours and I just don’t understand why it’s popular.

I just bought this title. I’m not sure why but, like I said in the sale thread, I found it on my wishlist and assume I put it on there for a reason.

I just can’t remember why.

I just got back into gaming after a year or two layoff. I had been strictly (almost) a first person shooter, playing COD, Halo and the like on XB360. In September I bought an Xbone with the intention of playing Battlefront when it came out.

What was your favorite game?-- Probably FO4. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the Wasteland and building guns, armor and settlements. I’m kind of off it right now having finished the main quest even though there’s a lot still to see. I might wait on DLC to see where I go next with it.

What did you play the most?-- Probably Destiny. This was a good intro to RPG gor me as far as getting new and better items, etc. but it was still essentially a shooter. I’m about as far along as you can get without doing Raids but I haven’t been able to slog through one yet.

Any regrets?-- Battlefront. It’s beautiful and I am just no good at it. I can’t bring myself to put enough time into it to get good at it either. It’s a shame really. I’ve never really liked Battlefield games to be honest.

Discover anything new that’s old?-- Just the new to me RPG genre. I’m working on Witcher 3 now and it seems like it will keep me busy for a while.

Boring post by an old-timer who doesn’t have time to play a lot, but here goes.

I played a lot of Master of Orion this year, because I just like mindlessly whipping some ass. Also a lot of Portal and Portal 2. I still enjoy the Rock Band series for my Wii, which lead to my favorite gaming moment of the year - beating somebody 20 years younger at Guitar Hero who thought they were the best at it. And they were good, I was just better at not worrying about what the other player was doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regrets? Left4Dead, which I bought on one of those Steam combo packs a year or three ago. Thought I would like to take a shot at this game, absolutely loved it, but the lack of a save game mechanism in single-player mode absolutely ruins it for me. Very, very disappointed at that design choice… and frankly, confused. Why would Valve do such a thing? What was the decision-making process that led to that?

Coder 1: “You know, I took the beta home and my Dad just loved this game.”
Coder 2: “WHAT?”
“My dad loved this game.”
“Well, we can’t have that, now can we? We must do something to prevent people who have lives and don’t have 2, 3 hours per sitting from playing L4D! I know - we’ll just remove the save game function!”

As you can tell, I’m still pissed.

Too late for ETA:

My biggest disappointment (even more than the L4D fiasco) is my inability to get Civilization 2 running on my Win8 machine.

You may know this, but Freeciv lets you play Civ2 in your browser. It has the rules, but obviously not the graphics or videos.

Man, totally forgot about Freeciv. Thanks!

I’m always a few years behind the gaming times. Obligatory xkcd link, but in my defense I’m more like three years behind, not five. :smiley:

I just figure, I already have a hobby (playing guitar) that lays claim to my money and free time. The only way video games are going to get played by me is if they’re cheaper than musical gear (which they are when the games are at GameStop and the DLC is at the Playstation Store) and no more pressing than reading a book (which isn’t the case if I’m racing through the hot new game that just came out).

That means that in the first half of this year, I sunk about 250 hours into several playthroughs of Skyrim, and more recently, have played the hell out of Mass Effect 3 and its DLC (though I guess I did play through Mass Effect 2, which is in fact five years old, in preparation.)

Most played would probably be either Heroes of the Storm or Diablo 3. Favorite, I dunno… Maybe HotS, but it’s not a real stand-out favorite like I’ve had some recent years. Probably my favorite of the past few years was Trine 2.

My gaming, while quite active, remains of the non-electronic variety.

Checking my log at BGG, my top twelve games for 2015 were Machi Koro, Fidelitas, Yardmaster Express, Flip City (which made the #4 spot for the year despite coming out in late September), Kingdom Builder, Smash Up, Sushi Go, Yardmaster, Roll for the Galaxy, Suburbia, Hive, and Codenames.

My game playing increased quite a bit in October when I joined a second gaming group, which is more active than my original group (and I’m still playing in that original group as well).

My goal for 2016 is to try to play more heavyweight games; more Agricola, Forge War, Le Havre, Panamax, Terra Mystica, etc.

Ha! Me too! Also Master of Magic. And guess what–my teens are hooked on those old DosBox dinosaurs now.

Master of Orion: always Psilon, always green, never play with the goddamned tech-stealing Darlocks.

Played some Advanced Warfare, some Black Ops III–put them away and resumed happily slogging through MW2, only occasionally wishing I could double jump, or put a variable zoom scope on my Barrett.

And still playing way too much Skyrim.

Played through all the Borderlands and much of their DLC, Diablo 3, went old school with the original FarCry, Dishonored, now playing Fallout: New Vegas modded. Haven’t had much time for games this year, even less in 2016.

I actually didn’t get much gaming done, unless you count The Simpsons Tapped Out. My computer started locking up (as in “everything freezes and nothing short of a power recycling gets things running again - and there’s a fairly good chance it locks up again five minutes later”) in late January, and six months of attempts to fix it through software (I thought it was either a USB driver or a video card driver problem) did nothing, so I brought it in to be fixed before starting a three week vacation. When I got back:
(a) “We’re still looking at it - we can’t duplicate the problem”
(b) Just before I go to pick it back up: “The problem is now happening here - we think it’s a virus”
© “The virus sweep didn’t fix it; we think you need to reload the OS”
(d) One new OS later, I pick it up, bring it home, turn it on…and it locks up 15 minutes later. It takes something like three days and who knows how many reboots to get it to load all of the Windows 10 updates…and it still locks up.
(e) I figure it’s a motherboard problem, so I shell out for a new computer, which I get just before Thanksgiving.
Since then, I’m backing off on Elite Dangerous, and getting back into Kerbal. One of these days, I’ll get someone landed on Minmus and then back to Kerbin, as opposed to, say, managing a slingshot around Minmus and then running out of fuel just before I can fix a return course.

Started out the year with KSP and Planetside 2
Had a good run at Elite Dangerous at the beginning of the year
Purchased a few games during one of the big sales ( Tropico, Prison Builder and Total War Atilla)
mostly back on PS2 ansd KSP, although I really haven’t had as much time since I started having to go to an office and not work at home.

What was your favorite game?
Elite dangerous I like , just too grind

What did you play the most?
Probably Sim city Buildit on my iPhone had that on the go for a year on my iPhone and not spent a dime. Other than that PS2 and KSP

Any regrets?
why did I spend that money on the sales for Atilla and Tropico
In fact why did I spend that money last year or two ago on MechWarrior early access and the Elite upgrade for landing on planets etc as I haven’t even fired it up.

Discover anything new that’s old?
started a Civ game , it really is awesome , still.
Also when traveling found RUSE on my work laptop, that still is fun

I forgot a couple…

Played a lot of **Farm Heroes Saga **, was quite addicted to it. Then King released a new game, kind of world-building-ish, called **Paradise Cove ** or something like that. Played for a few days then got to the point where if I didn’t spend money I could no longer advance.

F that.

So I went back to FHS… and was completely bored by it. Sorry, King!

Favorite game? Xenoblade Chronicles X by default. I haven’t played many new games this year. **Super Mario Maker **got a lot of love with my family (even my wife played).

Played the most? Marvel Puzzle Quest. It suffers from many of the same problems other F2P games have but I love the combo of Marvel and Puzzle Quest (huge fan of the original) while zoning out watching Bones or other disposable TV with my wife.

Any regrets? I reaffirmed that the isometric RPG style of games is not my cup of tea. I played about 4~5 hours of Pillars of Eternity before slowly walking away. All of the old 90’s classics (Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape:Torment) will forever haunt me as games I’ll never finish.

Old? Played through Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess with my son. Better than I remembered, but I still prefer the console Zeldas that came before and after.