What Video Games Are We Playing - Spring 2014 Edition

We haven’t had one of these threads for a while but they were always interesting to see people’s thoughts, mini-reviews, tips, etc. What are you all up to game-wise?

A week or two ago I finished by (fifth?) play though of Dragon Age: Origins. I don’t know what inspired me to play it again but I hadn’t tried to obtain the throne with a human noble so that was my route this time around. I also played with modding up the graphics for the first time for a nicer look.

Since then, I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag which was generously given to me by Kinthalis (so know that it wasn’t permanently backlogged… heh). I never spent any time in an AC game – I think I played AC2 for about five minutes once – but I’d heard good things about Black Flag and I had recently watched Black Sails which put me in a piratin’ mood. Having a lot of fun with it although I’ve been doing more open world stuff than plot and I understand the plot drags a bit in the middle with seemingly endless stealth-follow-spy missions. But in the meantime, I’ve been cruising the Caribbean in the Jackdaw, taking down pirate hunters and forts, finding buried treasure and air assassinating ocelots. Can’t say I have any interest in the “real world” stuff though which probably ties into the series proper but really just acts as a speed bump in my high seas adventures.

Playing it made me think that I haven’t seen a real pirate simulation game since the Sid Meiers classic. I owe Risen 2 but haven’t played it to see if it has all the aspects (naval battles, sword fighting, etc) but that’s set in a fantasy world and not quasi-historic. You’d think the genre would attract more games.

Been playing Diablo 3 lately, a lot of it with the SDMB clan members (as Ainue in case people wonder who I am). It’s fun especially in a group but after a while you hit the gear wall and upgrades come slowly. Once you have the gear to do Torment 2-3 it can take several days of playing to find something useful and then one more day to enchant the new legendary properly. On the other hand there’s just something very satisfying destroying the landscape and murdering endless demons and skeletons with all the shiny graphics and well-crafted sounds. Playing a wizard is even fairly easy on my mouse hand - just hold down right mouse button to Disintegrate enemy hordes.

To have a break from the endless farming runs I bought Avadon: The Black Fortress yesterday for 1.39e from Steam sale. I doubt I’ll ever finish it but even if I just play a few hours it’ll be well worth the price. It is an oldskool RPG with crappy graphics and somewhat clunky UI but interesting world and nice turn-based battles.

I’m also loving my disintegrate build for D3.
I’m still stuck in T1 until I find an upgrade or 2. Maybe I just need a few more paragon levels (sitting at 85 currently.)

Tons and tons of D3.

Doing my nth time of replaying the Mass Effect trilogy.

I am in the midst of playing Borderlands 2 as well. A very fun game that has me level up ssllloooowwwwllllyyyyy, and I feel I’m pretty far in the game, so I’m wondering if I’ll either ramp up here soon…or I’m screwed.

I also have Dishonored to go through, I played the first level and a half, but that was a long time ago…I might have to start all the way over.

Most nights I get in a round or two of DOTA 2 with a good friend who lives some distance away. I’ve got both Black Flag and Infamous 2 sitting on my PS4 but I haven’t been playing either one.

Yesterday I picked up Prison Architect on Steam for 10 bucks, but it’s still in Alpha and I don’t think I’ll play it until it’s a bit further along.

I downloaded Prototype 1 & 2 off amazon last week (they were on sale, $15 for both), but haven’t had a chance to play more than the first mission in either.

About a quarter of the way through Saint’s Row the Third; it’s a fun game, but like with GTA, I’ll do a couple missions, then end up just driving around and getting into random trouble.

About halfway through Splinter Cell: Conviction.

And I still have Mass Effect 3 just sitting completely unplayed, because I’m not quite to the end of 2 yet (I’d estimate I’m at about 75%).

FTL. Again.
Also, Ys 2. (Workin’ my way through that backlog, plus these games are awesome.)
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. Just ordered a freakin’ low lag monitor to hook the PS3 up to.

Way too much Diablo 3… though next week, I’m going on a long trip, so it’s going to be laptop and 3DS games for a couple of weeks. Which means lots of FTL, catching up on Bravely Default and A Link Between Worlds, and who knows what else.

I’d love to grab a cheap-ish turn-based strategy game that runs on a Macbook Air, if anyone has any suggestions; it doesn’t even necessarily have to be something I haven’t played before, if it’s worth playing again. Looking at my GoG and Steam lists, the best potential choice seems to be Alpha Centauri, but I was thinking something more along the lines of HoMM or Fantasy Wars/Elven Legacy.

I’ve gone back once again to Dwarf Fortress. One of these years I’ll actually get the hang of it :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing Card Hunter. With the baby here (3 and half months old already!), I need something that I can dip in and out of quickly. Card Hunter fits the bill pretty nicely. I sure wish I was playing CKII though!

Just Rift these days. I’ve managed to get into a guild that’s raiding, when it’s not busy disintegrating. Seriously… I log in one day, everything’s fine. Next day, a third of the guild is gone. Day after that, the guild leader hands control over to somebody else and takes all his toons out of the guild, new leader puts up an announcement that the guild is disbanding. I switch to the guild that the guild leader went to. Second night, during a raid, the guild leader of the new guild drops out of the raid and leaves her own guild. She comes back later that night, then a week later, /gquits again. She’s back now, and we’re raiding tonight. Excitement!

Somebody asked me what was going on, and I said, “Somebody invited the drama llama to the party and it ate all the Fritos, so a bunch of people flounced off in a huff.”

I’m still playing FTL. I also went back to Half Life 2 and Fallout: New Vegas because I got a new laptop and wanted to see what they’d look like at max settings (answer: glorious, except the G-Man’s face which doesn’t look right above certain resolutions.)

I bought Race: The WTCC Game on Steam a couple of years ago and never played it for some reason, so I’ll be giving that a spin once finals are over.

I’m playing Guild Wars 2 most days, working on getting ascended gear.

Been playing Endless Legend - from the makers of Endless space and Endless Dungeon. Still in alpha, but man, it’s a fun and beautiful take on a Civ style 4X game with a blend of fantasy and sci-fi themes.

Also fired up Kerbal Space program recently to test out the new updates.

The beta 12 update also hit for Rome II, so I’m trying my hands at a barbarian faction, it’s cool to play as someone other than the Romans, lots of interesting new units and new tactics to try out.

Dark Souls II and the DLC for Batman Arkham Origins (cold, cold heart) and for Bioshock infinite round up my current gaming plate as it were.

I’ve been playing WoW mostly. A few weeks ago I set myself the goal of keeping all three of my sub-90 alts below 100% rest. I just dinged 90 on my death knight last night, so juggling my rogue (88) and shaman (70) should become easier.

I’ve also been playing Banished, which is damned engrossing. I finished the Mountain Men achievement yesterday; I have just four more achievements to go.

Also, my brother mentioned that he bought SimCity 4 at a rummage sale for 60 cents, which got me in the mood to play it again (even though my brother’s copy had at least one disk missing).

Wargame: AirLand Battle. I imagine I’ll eventually check out Wargame: Red Dragon when it’s been out for awhile. If you liked World in Conflict, you’ll love Wargame.

I’d like to get Europa Universalis 4 sometime down the road; I’m wary of buying Paradox games too early. I’m also keeping an eye on Age of Wonders III.

Red Dead Redemption and Zelda: OoT

I’m all over the map, in a sort of time-warp, on the PC:

  • Ghost Recon, the original version. Still the best single-player multi-squad simulator out there; from 2001, but still seems to run fine.
  • Landmark, the Game (formerly known as EverQuest Next Landmark), in closed beta. Minecraft with the knob turned to 11 thousand.

On the xBox, I still fire up Borderlands 2 but at level 53 new levels are very, very slow in coming.

I’ve spent the week so far buried in the Agrarian Skies mod for minecraft FTB.