Does Anybody Really Know, etc. by Chicago

I never really listened to the words before, and I just did.

(Directed to the singer/writer)

A man walks up to you on the street and asks for the time, and you respond with “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care?”

Well, obviously, the guy who asked you for it cares. He’s probably on his way to an appointment, maybe late, and probably not in the mood for your philosophy.

You say that you ARE wearing a watch, so why not just tell the poor man?
Honestly, you’re kind of being a jerk.

(I do like Chicago, I do like the song, it just struck me. Mundane, Pointless, needed to share)

Thank you. I always found that song irritating, for precisely that reason.

Now I don’t feel so alone.


It might be mundane, and it might be pointless, but it’s Cafe Society M & P. :slight_smile:

Does anybody really know what time it is?

I thought it was twenty-five or six to four?

Woulda been my answer.

Man, you have to look at the Deeper Meaning, man. It’s like the guy asking wants to know what time it is, and he cares what time it is, but does he know What Time It Is? Dig? If he cared about What Time It Was, he maybe wouldn’t be so worried about his appointment.

And he’d say Wow a lot.

I always thought he was on his way to the matinee showing of Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon.

Far. Out.

Adult Sunday School class- Debbie was running late & comes in “What time is it?”

I respond “Does anybody really know what time it is?”

Debbie: “Does anybody really care?”

Both of us in unison: “As I was walking down the street one day…”

Then the teacher started the class & we had to shut up.

…And all your money won’t another minute buy…
Kansas, Chicago, what’s the diff? Just kidding…

Let’s do the time warp again!

Flash to scene from Kentucky Fried Movie. The Craw is giving the Jackie Chan guy a tour of the prison:

“In here, we have men who do not know what time it is. In this cell, we have men who know what time it is, but do not care, and in this cell, we have men who do not know what time it is, but DO care …”

And of course, the date would be Saturday, I think, the Fourth of July.

If you’re not wearing a watch, how can you know if you’ve actually spent an hour in the shower?

Most disturbing thing to me about Terry Kath is that he could eat Spam all day long. Eww.

Obviously written by someone who knows nothing about the cost of medical care!

[yogi] You mean right now? [/yogi]

I’ve got this friend who owns a watch that synchronizes itself with the Atomic Clock every hour.

So he really knows what time it is.

And considering the money he shelled out for the thing, I think it’s fair to say he really cares.

Meanwhile, my diamond watch has stopped cold dead.

Would you, by any chance, happen to be in the park?

If it’s any consolation, at the end of the song those clock-oriented people take a little revenge on the narrator.