Does anyone care about Yahoo! anymore?

Come on. This is a message board, is it really necessary to add “I think” to something that’s obviously my opinion?

For the people who say that they like the way Yahoo! serves up a little news etc. instead of just the search engine, I suggest that you haven’t customized your own iGoogle page.

I have a Yahoo! account that I still use for some email, but Gmail is now my primary address and wouldn’t ever go back - I really hate what Yahoo! Mail has become. I used to use Yahoo! Messenger heavily, especially in the old days when the chat rooms were abundant. (Yes, there was a lot of crap, but I had a lot of fun and met some great people there too.) My employer has now blocked all chat clients except for GoogleTalk, and there are no more chat rooms worth going to without having to friggin’ re-verify myself just to move from room to room, so I don’t even bother any more with Messenger. Heck, I used to like using their free ecards, but that service - at least in the US - has gone pay as well.

There just isn’t much reason for me to spend a lot of time there any more.

Go to and enter something in the search box. Don’t initiate the search, though. Now go up to the top left and switch to images.

Now try the same thing on Yahoo.

I belong to several YahooGroups, but otherwise haven’t visited Yahoo itself since I first discovered the internets.

I personally usually know when I go to search whether I want links or images - so if I want to do a new images search, I simply load that page instead first. After I’ve done one search I can check for web, news, pics, etc without typing in my search again. Easy enough.

My parents have AT&T Yahoo internet, and whenever I search on their computer on the Yahoo toolbar, I get crappy search results. I’ll take my Google toolbar on Safari or Firefox anyday. I always find what I want the first time. And when I had Yahoo email back in the day I got a ridiculous amount of spam coming through, and I’ve gotten none in almost a year with Gmail.

I’d play Yahoo games but they don’t seem to like my particular Mac, so boo on them.

Yes. It’s my e-mail service, and I belong to several yahoogroups and whatnot.

I utilize geocities for my online roleplaying myself. I make a character, make a whole page for 'em on geocities, and there we go. Plus I use it as a bit of online storage as well.

Seems like a suitable time for Microsoft to offer to buy Yahoo for $44.6 bn :slight_smile:

I have a Geocities website, and participate in several Yahoogroups (although I use Google as my primary search engine these days).

Microsoft cares. :slight_smile:

I heard a theory that MS went public with this offer because Yahoo had already turned them down, and MS wanted the shareholders to see the offer.

I miss Lycos.

My two functioning non-work email addresses are still with Yahoo, that’s about it.