Tell Yahoo! to stop the pop up ads.

EVERYBODY! Fill out this form and demand that Yahoo! stops the annoying pop up ads.

And fucking Microsoft, too!!!

Motherfuckers!!! At work, my account Bridge screens are operated through Microsoft. In the fucking middle of trying to type in an account number, a fucking pop-up ad comes along and literally intercepts my keystrokes, and quite often I find myself at some stupid site to order a credit report; and I have to stop what I’m doing, close the fucking ad, and then ask the client for the account number again.
Goddamnit, it is not fucking right!!!

You still get popup ads? How 20th century. Try the Proxomitron.

Why should Yahoo have to stop pop-ups? Because you want a free, non-annoying search engine?

Bah. Google kicks ass anyhoo.

If you use Mozilla, you can use Yahoo constantly, like I do, but I never see popups. I didn’t even know it had popups until I saw this thread. And is one of my home pages.

Google doesn’t kick yahoo’s ass. Yahoo uses Google. Do a search on Yahoo and a search on Google, the results will be identical. Try it for yourself. That said, Google has other features like translation and website caching that Yahoo doesn’t have. That’s okay, I don’t use the Yahoo search function. I do use Google. But Yahoo has other services that aren’t available as a group (from one source) anywhere else. Their mail service was once one of the top 5 free web services on the net. They had free pop3 service for one thing, which is pretty rare for a free service. So I used it then. Now I’m stuck using Yahoo email and they also provide other great services such as bill pay, calendars, notes, and not to mention the only great online bookmark organizor, with the Yahoo Companion. The messenger is a teeny download and the games are hugely popular. So you see, there are so many services from one place and I know these cost money, but annoying pop ups aren’t the way to do it.

I don’t like to install a whole lot of junk on my computer. With Yahoo I just install the companion and the messenger and I have it all. They are both small downloads. Now I have to install and manage a stinking pop up and website manager like Ethilrist mentioned. I hate those things. (That’s one reason why I love Opera so much. It blocks pop ups but allows the rest, including pop ups you want open. No management at all. Click the link and the pop up opens up.) I am under the thumb of a filter at work and boy do I hate it. I know you can change the web sites and tweak the filter, but you have to work to get it to work right and despite your efforts it will always get in the way. Plus it’s yet another program I have to install. Not thank you. Besides, I don’t trust a company who’s FAQ isn’t working.

The point is that yahoo used to be the good guy. They are changing to practices that are typically considered to be dirty. I expect tons of pop ups from illegal warez sites, but not one of the first (perhaps THE first) great companies of the internet.

do you have a website for us to compain to? Being that this is Microsoft and you have to pay Bully Gates for any kind of service I highly doubt it. Besides, you think they’ll listen? Yahoo might.

Yahoo? Whats that?

Google all the way.

Yahoo pop-ups are nothing. It’s the Tripod pop-ups that are bad. I don’t think they’re related…

World Eater. You are writing when you should be reading. Yahoo uses the Google engine. Read my post just before yours.

Joe K, is there a link to complain about tripod pop-ups? I’m trying to get you all on the bandwagon and complain to Yahoo!.

Well, no, it doesn’t work when you give us the wrong link. Their home page links to the correct FAQ,

Maybe the site had a typo in its source code yesterday when you visited it, but it looks to have been resolved pretty quickly.

Oops. I forgot how UBB turned URLs into links. The thing after the URL is a bolded lowercase “L.” Forgetting to add it was the mistake in the link. Working link.

Try using the OPERA browser instead of IE or Netscape. No pop ups. Ever. It’s heaven.

I see. So what is the way then? Besides lose money like just about every other internet company out there, I mean.

Popups are an extremely small price to pay for any sort of really good, free service and I don’t find them that annoying at all. And I think Yahoo knows a little bit more about what pays the bills and what doesn’t in their line of business as they continue to be one of the most financially successful internet companies out there.

The reason you see more and more popups these days is because advertisers are really fucking dumb. (Note: please don’t tell the advertisers this. Those dumbfucks pay my meager salary.)

Everyone knows that everyone hates popups, but advertisers continue to pay big bucks for them. So you see them.

Proxomitron caused my computer to crash three times in succession before I removed it.

Pop-ups ? Haven’t seen one in at least a year :stuck_out_tongue:

I do use Opera.

(You have the 7.02 (Bork) edition?) Sometimes I can’t use it though. Like at work.

Why has this got to the point of Dopers vs. Prisoner6655321? I can’t believe I’m the only one annoyed at pop ups screwing you up when you enter things into fields. The only time pop ups happen is when I move my hand off the mouse to type something. Then I have to go back to the mouse and close that damn window. And then I have to go back to Yahoo and finish typing in the field. I can’t tell you how many times this has screwed up an email.

Yahoo! is so innovative. I’m sure they can find some better way of paying the bills.


Because, A) I thought that “Sign this petition, dammit!” threads were a no-no. B) They’re providing a free service, and whining that you don’t like what someone’s giving you for free is just sad C) But not as sad as the fact that people have given you several solutions that you keep rejecting implying that you like complaing more than resolving the issue.

Then perhaps you can set up your OWN free e-mail service with these magical, innovative new ways of paying bills that Yahoo has, but chooses not to use (Why aren’t they using 'em, by the way? Is it 'cause they’re trying to piss people off? I’d think that would be an odd business model. Go figure.), go into competition with Yahoo and become the new Mogul of the Internet and we can all say “We knew him back before he was famous!”


Just freaking use another site.
And if you feel you can’t, use the proximitrion, it really works.