Does anyone else find this odd?

There was a man in the woman’s washroom with his young daughter. He was helping her in the stall.
Is this an ok thing? I would think the logical thing would be to take her with him into the men’s washroom.

I don’t care. I’d be a little taken aback at first glance, but he’s helping his daughter. Maybe there wasn’t a stall available in the men’s room or he didn’t want her seeing guys’ equipment. In any case, he’s not there to gawk or at least he’s not being obviously perverted about it. As long as there isn’t urine on the seat I don’t care who’s using the restroom.

I’ve encountered this many times.

He was probably more comfortable doing it this way than the other way around.

When I help my daughter she mostly picks the stall; I don’t care.
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I’ve been in that guy’s situation.

When I’m taking my three-years-and-five-months old daughter somewhere, without my wife or some other adult woman, or older girl, and she’s gotta go, it’s hard to figure out where to take her.

The men’s room? Seems kind of creepy to walk her past a bunch of guys standing up and peeing. Especially if we have to wait for a stall.

The ladies’ room? Kind of creepy for me to be in there.

There’s really no good solution. Sometimes I can use a handicapped bathroom - often they’re the only restrooms intended for single-person use. Some places have what they call “family” restrooms, which are single rooms with a toilet and often a comfortable chair for nursing mothers.

Yes, this is a hard one. I’ve been in the reverse situation with my then young son. I’d get the side eye taking him into the ladies room any time after the age of three, but I wasn’t going to send him into the men’s room by himself until he was a little bit older. If I had the choice, I’d look for a family restroom or a handicap standalone room and haul the entire family into it. If not, women’s room and keep your scandalized gasps to yourself.

I would think that in the case of the man taking his young daughter to the restroom, he may have felt more comfortable taking her into a bathroom with closed stalls, versus a room with urinals. Never mind what she’d see, just imagine the questions she’d ask. Loudly. :smiley:

I think that people need to get around to taking their own dumps without stopping to stick their nose in anybody else’s.

People: There aren’t any truffles in there & you aren’t Howard Stern.

Meh, I see nothing wrong with it. As others have said, the women’s washroom has much more privacy, has more toilet stalls, and is most likely much, much cleaner.

My daughter is 7 now so she’s OK by herself while I wait outside. This wasn’t always the case. She didn’t like going in the men’s WR or she would go in the women’s WR only to call me in to help her. I’ve encountered women in there who have either offered to keep an eye on her or just given me looks of understanding.

I find it amusing that people have this hang-up about being in the “wrong” washroom when it’s perfectly reasonable and safe to take turns and/or share facilities when necessary. Get used to it folks because unisex/gender neutral washrooms are coming to a facility near you… if they don’t have them already.

If I were a father of a daughter I would use the ladies’ room. If I had a young son I would still use the ladies room. My work has solitary men and women’s rooms but I have no problem using the men’s room if the other is occupied, which it usually is.

Yeah, as a father of a three- and one-year-old daughter, I just take them to the men’s room. It would never occur to me to take them to the women’s room. But it’s not like I’ve hung around women’s rest rooms to know how common this is. It’s just not what I personally do. I wouldn’t really think much of it if I saw a woman taking her son to the men’s room, but I’ve never seen that IRL, either.

If I were in the parent’s situation, I’d find either solution somewhat awkward, but hey, you’ve got to do something. Family restrooms are nice, but they’re not always available. If it wasn’t busy, I’d probably knock on both doors and use whichever one wasn’t occupied.

And if I’m just some other person using the facilities, it’s none of my concern either way.

Hooray for fathers who step up to take care of their young daughters.

The women’s bathroom offers more privacy than the men’s since the default is a closed stall for everyone. I doubt that the guy wanted to be there, and he’s not hurting anyone or invading anyone’s privacy. If his presence bothers you, leave and come back when he’s gone.

I always took my daughter into the men’s until she was old enough to go into the women’s on her own. We would use a handicap restroom if available.

It would never had occurred to me to take her into the women’s. Why? Japanese and Taiwanese are less concerned about these type of things.

My father used to take me into the men’s room and put his hand over my eyes until we got into the stall. It was years before I knew why.

My son is really tall for his age. When he was six, I still took him to the woman’s room. He looked about nine, and I got the hairy eyeball from lots of people. After he turned 7, I let him go to the men’s room, but waited right outside.

Can’t wait until that day comes. But for now, I’ve gotta go with her. For one thing, she’s small enough that she will fall into the toilet without her fold-up seat, which I carry with me whenever I take her anywhere. For another, I’m not sure she could always figure out the locks on the stalls.

Actually, pretty sure she could figure that out – she figured out how to open the lock to our apartment door and get out into the hall when she was about two. Now we put the chain on too, which is too high for her to reach.

I always took my daughters (3) into the mens room until they were old enough to use the ladies with me waiting outside.

My youngest is on the autism spectrum and she was much older than average to use the ladies on her own.

Gets really awkward if your daughter is hitting puberty and there are safety issues about being unsupervised. About 2 awkward years there where I literally was outside of the ladies and there were a lot of sympathetic mothers that “kept an eye out”. Thank you BTW

Always go for the shortest line. Ad-lib as necessary.

I honestly can’t recall a single time I have ever seen a man in a woman’s restroom, with a child or otherwise. It would probably give me pause if only because I’ve never encountered it. But then I’d be like, ‘‘Okay, cool.’’

I’m surprised to find it is apparently a common occurrence.

Well? Don’t leave us hanging . . .

LOL, back in our hard partying days at crowded bars or parties, my brother whenever he had to go really bad and there was a big line-up, would put a hand over his mouth and puff out both cheeks and while people scattered out of his way he would run right past the line and into a stall!