Does anyone else remember this 80s show?

In the 80s, I think it was on Nickelodeon. Basically it was a voice reading a comic book while a camera panned from panel to panel. Sometimes it was a comic about two babies called Sugar and Spike and sometimes it was the comic Swamp Thing. I remember the opening was a kid riding his bike to a comic books store to the tune of “Ride of the Valkyries.” Anyone else see this?

Yay, I finally get to answer one!

From the Toonopedia website:

So, I am guessing it was the show Video Comics :slight_smile:

Also pretty cool is that that show was one of the first aired by Nickelodeon.

Did you happen to live in Ohio, by chance? :slight_smile: Or maybe Nick re-ran those later, once it had a bigger broadcast.

Interesting. That was before my kid was old enough to watch Nick, which was pretty early - the time of Danger Mouse, Belle and Sebastian, Today’s Special, and You Can’t Do That on Television. But I actually read the Sugar & Spike comics when I was a kid, so I would so have watched that.

New Jersey actually. Thanks for the link though. Glad to know the show really existed :slight_smile:

Quimby, great memories you’ve brought back with this OP. :slight_smile:

Some of the Video Comics dealt with advanced topics in science fiction. I believe these may have been based on actual short stories published in pulp SF magazines. I’m going to have to bowdlerize a ton due to hazy memory, but here’s two such episodes I can recall:

  • There was one where a time traveller bought up some gold and started moving through the future. He’d stop every so often to check on his investment – and to his delight, the price of gold rose to astronomical levels and he became hyper-rich. He getting going further into the future, execting his gold to keep rising in value. He could have stopped at any point and settled into a comfortable existence, but the rising value of his investment spurred him on. Then, at his last future stop, he saw that everyone was wearing gold clothes, driving gold vehicles, building houses out of gold, etc. It turned out that gold somehow became super-abundant, and that it was no longer worth very much at all. For some reason, he was unable to go back to the past, so he ruined his investment through game-show style greed.

  • Another one – that I remember in much less detail – involved the smartest man in the world making a living taking questions from the hoi polloi. The guy just sat and took questions in a huge office/temple thing that could accomodate tons of people waiting in line. I can’t remember the plot – either a rival “smart man” appeared on the scene, or one of the Average Joes out there gave him a question he couldn’t answer. Or something. I remember loving that episode, but very little about the actual plot. :frowning:

I’d love to get these SF-type Video Comics on DVD. Never seen them available, though. Wonder if Nickelodeon still has the rights?

Can’t imagine how I missed/don’t remember this…I can remember back to when Nickelodeon was 8 hours of Pinwheel in the morning and the rest was imported Canadian kid shows. Hmmm.

Pinwheel and Video Comics were both around in 1980, but by the time You Can’t Do That On Television came out, Video Comics was either gone or close to gone (link):

Hmmm…my family got cable sometime in the 1980-1981 timeframe…obviously must have been after “Video Comicz” disappeared. I’m very sure I started watching Nick before YCDTOTV appeared.

Some really Nick early stuff I remember that “no one” else seems to remember:
A science-y show with Jack Palance
A “kids around the world” show called “Spread Your Wings” with a butterfly logo
A Canadian show centered around a bush pilot

Thinking on it some more … I think what actually happened is that Video Comicz just started getting shown less and less frequently and in more erratic time-slots. I remember tuning in at given times expecting it to be on, and finding that something was showing in it’s place.

Any chance you’re conflating the early-80s episodes of Ripley’s Believe it Or Not with the very cool Nick science show What Will They Think of Next? Joseph Campanella was one of the hosts of WWTTON.

Hmmm…I must be mixing the two in my head.

“Believe it…
…or not…”

The memories come flooding back. Thanks… :slight_smile: Unfortunately on youtube “Classic Nickelodeon” seem to mean 1990s Nick. Get off my lawn!

This matches my memories as well. I seem to recall it being on very early in the morning. I didn’t have cable until the early 80s.

I remember WWTTON as well! It has cartoony drawings and the hosts faces’ would pop up in a circle as they talk about different topics. One I specifically remember was the story of how a candy bar got melted in a scientists coat pocket and that was how they discovered microwaves could heat food.

I’ve found a couple clips on YouTube…

Huh. I had no idea Nickelodeon started out with so much Can-con. Science International/What Will They Think Of Next? You Can’t Do That On Television? Next you’re going to tell me they showed The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein and The Raccoons!

Zombie something something
Anyway, not just Canadian kid shows, they showed some British kid shows too, like the original Tomorrow People series (now being reimagined on the CW, for some reason). Man I couldn’t get enough of that back in oh, 82 or thereabouts.

Totally worth the bump! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple more Nick tidbits from that era…