Does anyone find Mike Tyson sexy?

Is there anyone out there that thinks that Iron Mike is really a cute cuddly sort who has been killed in the media? Is there anyone who would like to spend the night with him?

He is very muscular, with cute tattoos, and I would bet a big unit! Is there a woman (or man) for this prince?

Ummm…is the right answer Michael Jackson?

I tink he wooks tweemedous!

I suppose people with rape fantasies, and who like the idea of getting thrown around and punched in the head, might find the idea of a night with Mike to be tantalizing.

Since this is a poll, rather than an arts and entertainment thread, I’m moving it to IMHO.

I’m leaving the Michael Jackson thread in the Cafe because some people find the guy entertaining.

[Bleah!]Good Heavens, NO!![/Bleah!]


Excuse me, have to lie down in a quiet room with a cool cloth on my forehead now.

I’m betting he has a micro-unit. A cocktail hot dog. A teeny weeny. A baby gherkin. A shrimp. Guys that behave that way usually have something to prove to the world in the manhood department. I wouldn’t do him if he was the last smokey link on the platter.

Anybody know if Robin Givens has spoken on the issue?

She stomped her hoof twice. What does that mean?

This is the funniest thread title I’ve seen in recent memory.

Thank you.

SInce there are women who hook up with and marry serial killers as they serve sentences in prison, I’m sure SOME few women would find Tyson sexy.

I would not like to meet any of them.


No! That voice makes it a double no.

There was a thread a while back that asked who were ugly celebs that you would like to … He was on my list.