Mike Tyson tattoos his face!

Well, Tyson has supposedly gotten a “african tribal thingie” tattoo covering the entire left side of his face. I haven’t found squat on the net, but of course we must have a look. Help me out dopers, first one to post a pic gets 100 points. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Mike! With all the tough guy posers out there it’s good to see someone who isn’t afraid of owning the fact that he’s completely batshit 24/7 and letting the world know this as well!

Go Mike - More tattoos - get one of a map of Lichtenstein on your forehead
Go Mike - split your tongue in half like a lizard
Go Mike - implant horns in your head

Yes, but would you be prepared to say that to his face?


It’s pretty early on in this particular Mike Tyson thread for that to show up.

There are apparently no pictures out there just yet. Of course, the most distressing thing about this to his handlers is that it may affect his fight on Saturday.

It sounds like Mike is crying for help, yet again. He has no desire to fight and he’s amping up his unusual behavior to get out of it and get some care.

I don’t even want to think about what a half-healed face tatoo will look like after a few rounds of heavyweight boxing.

Yep thats what I was thinking. I must say I am very curious to see his face now.

Again… where is the barfey-smiley? urk

Oh cynical samarm what makes you think he wouldn’t be completely onboard with my proposals.

[squeaky little girl Mike Tyson voice]Lizard tongue and horns! Now that’s what I’m talking about! It appeals to both my sense of whimsy and my disrespectful bitch killing nature. You got some badass shit Astro! Aiieee… God’s in my underwear get him out!! [/squeaky little girl Mike Tyson voice]


As recently as that?

Hmmmmm, no picture, but this adds a little more to the story. Certainly very possible given that Tyson is involved, but best to take it with a grain of salt.

The fight is apparently back on. It appears Tyson was/is somewhat out of shape even for his hand picked punching bag, and was having second thoughts.

Tyson changes mind,says fight is back on

They don’t mention the tatoo there. If this guy really got a face tatoo a week ago, this is gonna be bizarre.

'course, what was I expecting. I’ve found that my emotions regarding Tyson have moved significantly away from revulsion and towards pity. He’s a meal ticket with no moral compass and what would appear to be severe mental problems. It’s only a matter of time before this guy snaps on a bellhop or something and kills him.


So an out of shape Tyson who just got a tattoo on half his face, will actually fight this weekend.

This should be interesting.

I guess threatening to eat his opponents children was losing it’s ticket selling appeal.

Here’s what he could potentially look like.


Geez, if he just got his face tattooed I don’t think he could fight. If you start bleeding and the trainer can’t stop it, they stop the fight. A brand new tattoo on his face is gonna bleed like a stuck pig after a few punches to the the child-eating area.

The fight’s back off - now Etienne says HE doesn’t want to fight.

No doubt there will be many twists ahead. They should hold a press conference where they walk out Tyson with a burqa, and then yank it off after a 30 second drum roll.

What’s with all the nuts in the news? First you get the Michael Jackson “special” and the follow-ups that come with that train wreck and now you have Tyson tattooing his face…first backing out of a fight and now wanting back in.

What’s next? Charlie Manson guest anchoring on the CBS evening news?

Does the tattoo say ‘Punch Here’ :wink: