Does anyone know how to make crabmeat bisque?

The title pretty much summarizes the issue at hand; I am hosting a party, and the guest of honor has requested only one thing: crabmeat bisque. I do a fair bit of cooking, but I’ve never attempted that particular soup before and don’t have a good idea of how to approach it. I tried googling a recipe but there are many, and they don’t seem to have much in common with one another, plus there’s no way to separate the good recipes from the bad.

So, anyone know how to make a good version of this soup?

Google She-Crab Soup. Good recipes will have roe in them (that’s the “she” part) and should also contain a little sherry.

Have you checked Food Network (avoiding Sandra Lee’s “Crabby Bisque”) or

That’s probably what I’d do, along w/ searching through my piles of cookbooks and/or magazines.

The only one I could lay my hands on readily would be a “quicky” type recipe, and I’m assuming you want a “real deal” one?

I went out with this guy, I had the lobster bisque, we went back to his place, yadda, yadda, yadda, I never saw him again.

You yadda-yadda-yaddaed over the best part!

No, I mentioned the bisque.
Good luck with the bisque. :slight_smile:

If you go through the recipes you Google, and find one that requires use of the entire crab, and involves using the shell in the stock, then you’ve probably found a good one. Stay away from those that call for just the meat.

I probably have a good one at home, in either my copy of Escoffier, New Professional Chef or Peterson’s Fish and Shellfish. I can look when I get there, if you want.

Wait. Am I to understand that Campbell’s doesn’t sell crabmeat bisque?

Whatever happened to “Mm-Mm Good?”

On a more helpful note, I checked and found two recipes that, per Necros’s recommendation, call for crab parts (including shell), rather than dumping in crabmeat. Except for the fact that one of them claims to take an hour longer to cook, they appear to be identical. And one calls itself a copycat version of the Soup Nazi’s crab bisque!

Here they both are.

This is seriously the best site in the world. Thanks, folks.

So how did the bisque turn out? Or is the party still in the future?