Does anyone know what this phone device is?

When I first got SBC DSL installed in my home it caused the regular phone line to sound horrible. It sounded like you could hear the modem data transfer sounds in the background.

When the installer tested it he put this small device on the phone line (in between the phone and the wall jack) that looked just like a phone line splitter for more than one phone. Well it also took the modem noise away as well.

Now fast forward about 4 years and I’m hearing the modem sound again over the phone line. I’m thinking the splitter-looking device may have died but I have no clue what it is or how to replace it.

Does anyone know what this device is?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t remember what it’s called, but you can buy a replacement one at RadioShack.

Supressor, maybe? Something like that.

It’s an ADSL filter, supposed to remove the digital hash frome the phone line. Looks like yours has died on you. Had any lightening strikes nearby lately?

Many thanks LifeOnWry and Myglaren.

It’s called a microfilter. Radio Shack carries them.

By the way, the filter should be placed on all the phones, but not on the connection to the modem. Otherwise it won’t work.

Since the provider supplied the device to begin with, I’d guess they would also replace it. I’d contact them.

Dude, we’re talking about the Phone Company, here. :wink:

Actually there are 2 seperate devices:

1 - A splitter, which is normally used at the point the line comes into the house, which provides a DSL line and a regular phone line. Normally you only have one of these.

2 - A Microfilter, which takes away the noise that the DSL casues on a phone, normally you have 1/per phone, but could use a single one to act somewhat like a splitter.

Actually, the filter is an analog device that removes all tones higher than 4khz. In the US, phone signals operate in the 0-4khz band while DSL operates from slightly above 4kHz to a max of 1100kHz IIRC.

I’m not quite sure of this distinction - are they actually doing anything different from each other (i.e. aren’t they just separating out the phone and DSL signals)?

From my understanding, a splitter ‘splits’ the dsl/Phone line into 2 seperate lines, a DSL only signal and a plain old telephone line signal.

A microfilter ONLY takes out the DSL signal, so the DSL modem gets both signals.

If that is not the case then the 2 are really the same, just the recommended application is different.

A “splitter” as referenced above is placed on the line just as it enters the house. One side of the output (unfiltered) goes directly to the DSL modem. The other side of the line (filtered) goes to all of the phones in the house. If you have one of these, you don’t need the filters on each phone.

Most DSL installations use the filter method, as that is the easiest and cheapest to install. When you sign up for DSL service they will provide you with filters for your phones, but if you want the splitter, you either have to find one and install it yourself or pay the phone company to come out and install one for you.

How would a microfilter or line splitter go bad, anyway? Just wondering as I’ve got a splitter installed at the MPOE (aka demarc) where the phone lines enter the building and it’s not 100% effective at keeping the DSL noises out of the phones.