Does anyone know where I can find a syllabified list of words

Basically I’m looking for a list of English words that are syllabified. Something with a bunch of words vaguely in a format like this: wor-thy. Like entries in The problem with them is that it isn’t in a list form and that’s what I really need. If you happen to have such a list lying around on your computer my email address is listed in my profile.

Since the question in the OP has a factual answer, I’m going to move this thread to General Questions.

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Sorry about the mistaken forum, I see lots of requests for things in MPSIMS so I figured that’s where this would go. Thanks for moving it to the appropriate foum.

I was about to answer “Um. . . a paper DICTIONARY!?” but it looks like you are looking for somehting on-line. May I again suggest a paper dictionary? The pages are much easier to navigate through and it’s really easy on your eyes.
(this isn’t supposed to sound condescending-- I just really like paper)