Does anyone plan on seeing this sh*t glitz?

I’m talking about Corky Romano. I can’t watch the previews without putting the yellow pages against the brick fire place and punching it for awhile.

Swear to God, that has to be the most unappealing thing I’ve encountered since Blue Streak (which I actually ended up, grudgingly, enjoying because it was so confused that it seemed innovative). This just looks bad, beyond all previous comprehended levels of badness. I wish Opus was here, he put it much better.

Wait, 3000 Miles to Graceland was the last pointless, amazingly bad stylized flick I saw, and I watched a Van Damme flick since then!

I actually enjoy seeing these god-awful movies come out, because I know the uptight prigs at the Onion AV Club will get multiple ulcers and I can read about it.

I almost projectile vomited seeing the previews for “Glitter.”

Just thought I’d add that.

I feel the same way seeing the previews for Zoolander. How can anyone expect that to be funny? (I mean, other than the fact that Ben Stiller has to date done no wrong.) The previews for Corky Romano haven’t made me want to see the film, but they haven’t made me want to not see it either.

As for Glitter, there’s no way in hell I’ll see that movie, but I’m always happy to see Mariah Carey walking around in skimpy clothes. I mean, she’s a psycho and her music has gone way downhill, but she’s still hot. I’m impatiently waiting the day when she tries to jumpstart her stuggling career with a spread in Playboy. (Why do people still do this? It never works.)


My theory is they pick the funniest bits for the trailers. If I fall out of my chair laughing, then the rest of the movie is going to be pretty darn funny. If I just see the guy gibbering in fake Chinese or trying to sell cookies, then I think, the rest of the movie won’t be as funny as that.

I don’t get out much.


Why, YES, Mariah! You’ll have ten gold records within a week of publication! Look what it did for the careers of Farrah Fawcett and Dana Plato!

Sounds to me like you get out enough to have cracked the movie-commercial code.

I’m starting a “Corky Romano Movement” pool. My entries: Dollar theatre in 5 days, video store in 11.

Who else wants in?

I don’t know, this seems kind of iffy. It already had the influence of Satan in order to get greenlit in the first place, and only the power of God could’ve prevented it from going straight to video. First show me the running odds, I’m curious to see how you factor in omnipotence.

Corky Romano looks like the archtypal “moron movie”.

Chris Kattan, the poor man’s Jim Carrey.

Giving the character personality traits which are annoying as all hell even in the previews but which are meant to be funny.

Lots of reliance on animal gags.

(Why did they have to use “Take On Me”? I LIKE that song!!)

That’s one of those movies I wish would hurry up and open so it can quickly go away.

I have to see this because Peter Falk is in it.