Its wrong to judge a film before you see it but... (new Adam Sandler epic)

But gee whiz, the commercials for this, which usually contain the best jokes, seems like it’ll be much closer to Boat Trip than The Birdcage. Hopefully I’m wrong and its not 90 minutes worth of bad stereotypical gay joes, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Could someone who sees this post back with a comments?

I’m not a fan of Adam Sandler (though I liked The Wedding Singer), but the Chuck and Larry previews I’ve seen show a scantily clad Jessica Biel shaking her ass :eek: --and that might be enough to draw me to a matinee showing. :smiley:

Exactly. Jessica Biel in her scanties will get me to the theater. Even in the face of Adam Sandler.

You mean it’ll be closer to crap than to crap? Sounds like a lose-lose proposition all around!

(and I’ll admit these have been the most painful trailers I’ve seen recently. Ugh!)

Can’t you just watch something else with her in it and not give Adam Sandler more money?

Name another movie she gets that close to nude in and you’ve got a deal.

You got me :slight_smile: - I couldn’t think of a gay centered comedy that was good- The Birdcage was the closet I could come up with (haven’t seen Priscilla or La Cage Aux Folles). I just can’t believe that there is still an audience for stereotypical gay comedies like these, and wasn’t annoyed enough to do a pit thread.

clips from this movie will be shown in 2011 edition of “Where is he now?”


When I went to see Knocked Up, the trailers were, in order:

Good Luck Chuck
Evan Almighty
Licencse to Wed
Chuck and Larry

It was like a Dante’s inferno of horrible comedies: every trailer looked like the stupidest possible movie. Until the next trailer came along, which would make the previous trailer look like a Billy Wilder film. By the time the Chuck and Larry trailer ended, I was so disgusted I was ready to leave the theater if they didn’t start the movie right away, because I knew there was no way I could stand to watch a trailer that looked even stupider than that piece of shit. But they didn’t start the movie. They had one more trailer. For Die Hard 4.

And it looked totally fucking awesome.

So, my suspicion is that these previous four films exist purely as a way of making the next Die Hard film look palatable. Because after watching those four trailers, I wanted to blow up as much shit as humanly possible, and that seems to be precisely what Die Hard 4 is about.

[Bolding mine.]

Nice Freudian slip there ;). As luck would have it, Francis Veber’s Le placard (2001) [aka The Closet] is IMHO a fairly well-crafted comedy.

The premise looked incredibly stupid. Oh, what a dilemma - a guy has to pretend to be gay but he’s attracted to a woman. Well, you know you’ve got a stupid premise when one line would take away the plot’s reason for existance: “I’m bisexual”. Or… better yet, let himself be seduced, see how far it goes, and when she says “Aha! Caught you!” you could say “Aha! Bisexual, dumbass!”

Sandler is very hit-or-miss for me. I have liked some of his stuff. He has a tendancy towards bodily function humor which I find dull.

Did someone say Jessica Biel? hmmm, maybe…

I have to disagree with the thread title here: the purpose of a trailer is to get you to judge the film, at least in terms of “this looks like it’s worth the ticket price.” From the trailers I’ve seen, there’s no way I’d see this movie since I don’t like either of the leads and the whole thing looks moronic. This is how they chose to market the thing. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, you know, I could be wrong, but I’m not paying $10 just to confirm my suspicions.

It may be just me, but I have never thought Adam Sandler was particularly funny. Plunking down my hard earned cash money to see him on the big screen doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.

Wee Bairn:

I can, except I don’t remember the name of it. It was basically about a (Latino, I think) straight guy who becomes roommates with a gay guy, and pretty much overcomes a whole host of prejudices until by the end of the movie, he’s defending his gay friend. I thought it was a well-done movie, though I guess it couldn’t have been too memorable if I don’t remember the name.

La Cage Aux Folles. Much better than the remake.

In and Out was also quite good.

And here we have the essence of why I will never understand heterosexuals. Now I am not saying that no gay man would ever sit through a movie that they know is shitty for purposes of seeing a man naked (“All The Right Moves” anyone?), but we generally have enough sense to a) expect that they be naked and not just close to it and b) wait until it comes out on home video.

I think you mean “Kiss Me, Guido” in which the straight guy is Italian.

Of course it’s okay to judge a movie based on trailers (or even just a cast/plot summary).

In Sandler’s case, I go with who else is in it.

  • His usual group of no-name drinking buddies. Forget it. (Note that this does not include Buscemi.)

  • Emily Watson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Luis Guzmán. We have a winner.

  • Kevin James. Burn all the prints now.

I saw pretty much the same set of trailers as Miller. But there was one more that had a line early about “the next 40 or 50 years.” Hey, that was already used in the fine film “The Heartbreak Kid” starring the fine actor Charles Grodin. OMG, they did a remake. With Ben Stiller. And they made the bride psycho, presumably to make the groom’s sins look better. This is going to be bad. Also has Carlos Mencia (very, very bad) and Rob Corddry (maybe).

This was also the premise, to some extent of Some Like it Hot. It’s just that back then, homosexuality was pretty much equated with crossdressing.

Ah, Marilyn.

So they remade Three’s Company?