Has anyone seen From Justin to Kelly yet?

Is it another Grease or is it another Glitter?

Looking for reviews to see whether I could stomach seeing it with the lady.


20% at Rotten Tomatoes. Looks like another Glitter.

Haven’t seen it, don’t intend to. It’s the most blatant product placement movie since Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers wen to the big screen.

Since I thought both those movies sucked, the answer is “yes.”

NO, and I’m not going too either, I didn’t watch them on American Idol which is FREE, and I’m not giving them $10.00 to see them in a Movie - I hope it comes and goes very quickly.

It’s the first movie I’ve ever known to score a 1 (out of 10) on imdb.com. (This was with 43 votes.)

The fact that they wouldn’t preview it for critics, and that they originally scheduled it for a July release on video should tell you all you need to know.

That footage of him dancing behind her on the beach cracks me up.

I hope it flops and forces her to pose nude in Playboy, or, preferrably, my house.

Opened at #11 with $2.9 million. Nice. Anyone have an idea how much the movie cost to make? I’m sure it was cheap and there’s little chance it will lose money, but I can always hope…

I just heard this exchange on the local pop rafio station:


-Sara: OMG!! I can’t believe this, i’ve been trying all day!!

DJ: You just won four free passes to “From Justin to Kelly”!!!

-Sara: oh…

-Dj: and you’ve been entered on our monthly drawing for 1000$!!!

-Sara: well i guess there is that…
Poor girl couldn’t even manage some fake enthusiasm on live radio. That should tell you enough about this movie.

Of course i meant “pop radio station”