Does anyone recall the "Invaders," starring Roy Thinnes?

BTW, folks, I believe the official correct term is stiff little fingers.

(band name)

Wow. Hadn’t thought of this show in decades. Just want to thank the OP for giving me one of those “TV flashback” brain jolts.

Peter Morris:
“BTW, folks, I believe the official correct term is stiff little fingers.”

I’ll take the bait:

“Is that the new Green Day?” (rolleyes)

IIRC, The Invaders was a January replacement series that made it to a second year.

Quinn Martin productions also did The FBI. Their series formats were very distinctive.

The Immortal by the way, was based on the sf novel by sf writer and U Kansas professor James Gunn.

Ooh, Stiff Little Fingers!

Their bassist is my old mate Bruce Foxton, formerly of The Jam. Well, I say “my old mate”: I was a huge Jam fan from the early days, having first seen them at the now defunct Red Cow in Hammersmith in January 1977, and actually met Bruce in an obscure little town called Fowey in Cornwall at New Year, 1997. Bloody nice bloke.

I loved that show, especially when it was shown in the UK in the 80s (although being only 26 I can’t have watched it elsewhere :wink: ) it was part of an entertainment slot, Rapido IIRC and was introduced by Antoine de Caunnes (sp?)

I loved the bendy little finger and the glowing disks that killed on contact with the back of the neck (scared my little sister senseless for a while with that impersonation)

Great series :slight_smile: