Intruders on BBC America (No Spoilers)

Has anyone been watching it? My tivo decided to record the first four episode over the weekend, and it looks interesting.

I don’t really have the time for a new TV obsession, but the whole X-files connection has me very intrigued.

What do you think, and is it worth the time sink?

It has continued to occupy a reservation in my DVR queue, but it probably would not be a particularly difficult show to drop if I needed to start clearing out space. It has just never really gotten its hooks into me. They are teasing out the central mystery slo-o-o-o-wly. In many ways, it’s an admirable choice to not have too much laid out too soon. But I feel like I ought to know a little more about what’s going on four episodes into an eight-episode season. And the show’s attempts to turn “what goes around, comes around” into a creepily threatening recurring phrase have thus far failed. But John Simm is always good, and the little girl’s character certainly has her moments.

I quite like John Simm, but haven’t managed to get into this show.

That has kind of been my feeling. Just from watching the promos. I’m going to give it a shot, see what happens.

What would I be missing if I started watching now (having not seen the first four episodes)?

Too much, I suspect. Though the reveals have been slow, four episodes in the characters have finally started to solidify a bit.

I’m actually sort of liking it, but I’m pretty patient with slow-moving storylines and the premise works for me ( in a very general sense ). It’s not getting enthusiastic reviews though, so I dunno if it will make it to a season 2. I do have some quibbles, particularly with the Simm/Sorvino relationship which wasn’t established enough to generate much angst.

One thing though - John Simm’s American accent is just not very good. You can almost see him physically trying to wrestle it into submission in some scenes ;). I’m so used to British actors that can nail it, it’s slightly amusing to run across one that can’t quite manage it. It doesn’t bother me much, but it is noticeable.