Any Lone Gunmen fans?

I do love that series, and I miss it. We are watching the DVDs now. I never really expected the pilot would have seen the light of day again after 9/11. The show seems more up to date now than it did when it aired. Who else wants to talk about why this was a cool series?

I always liked the Lone Gunmen when they appeared in X-Files episodes, and I did like the series. I felt that Fox didn’t give the show the time it deserved to hit its stride / find itself / mature / iron out its rough spots / whatever.

I was sorely disappointed when it was (seemingly) prematurely cancelled.

Nice to see it’s on DVD - guess I’ll put it in my Netflix queue now.

Aye! waves hand

I loved that show! Didn’t know it was out on DVD. Thanx for the info.

My favorite episode was “Tango de los Pistoleros.” What a delicious mixture of laughter, intrigue, and sadness.

It’s on DVD? Yeah!!

Follows Motorgirl to Netflix and updates her queue

I ordered this from Amazon about a week ago. I have only had time to see the pilot episode so far. It really was a great conspiracy-oriented humorous, witty show. I look forward to watching more of the comedic episodes later – the pilot was not as humorous as the later episodes, I remember.

How many episodes of the series were aired? I do remember the pilot, but to be honest I don’t remember even a second episode being shown.

Plus, how can you have Lone (singular) Gunmen (plural)?

Conspiracies were their forte, not grammar. :wink:

Here is the complete list of eps., courtesy of Rohan’s X-Files Realm:

1AEB79: 03/04: “Pilot”
1AEB01: 03/11: “Bond, Jimmy Bond”
1AEB02: 03/16: “Eine Kleine Frohike”
1AEB03: 03/18: “Like Water For Octane”
1AEB04: 03/23: “Three Men and a Smoking Diaper”
1AEB06: 03/30: “Madam, I’m Madam”
1AEB05: 04/06: “Planet of the Frohikes”
1AEB07: 04/13: “Maximum Byers”
1AEB08: 04/20: "Diagnosis: Jimmy "
1AEB09: 04/27: “Tango de los Pistoleros”
1AEB10: 05/04: “The Lying Game”
1AEB11: 05/11: “All about Yves”

The Tango episode is my personal favorite. My husband loved the darker qualities of the pilot. I am so fond of the characters that I can’t watch the season 7 X-files episode that wraps up the Lone Gunmen storyline. You just don’t see enough comedy/action/conspiracy stories on TV.

I enjoyed the show too. Too bad Fox has such a history of killing good shows.

I wish i could find my tape of that episode with the 9/11 parallel.

I ordered the DVDs yesterday. I didn’t appreciate the show when it was on (only saw 1/2 of the pilot), because I’d just started watching the X-Files then and was annoyed that this spin-off show about characters I didn’t know anything about was prempting the show I was really getting in to. But I love the XF episodes they were in, so I decided to buy the series to give it a watch. I’m sure I’ll be entertained this time around.

I write X-Files fanfics and…

Yeah, I wish they hadn’t cancelled Lone Gunmen. That and Special Unit 2, another under-appreciated gem of a series.

I blaim Chris Carter for wanting to quit The X-files so that he could in his words “surf more” and Duchovny who had to pursue his ticket to big time Hollywood fame and fortune. Dave made a briliant career move with that one. The Lone Gunmen rocked and could if nothing else have served as a bridge to a new X-files at some point in the future.