Lone Gunmen Good... X-Files... Less Good.

Is it just me, or has the Lone Gunmen taken over the freaky weird shit, paranoid fantasy plots I like so much; which have been recently released by the Ex-Files? The X-files without mulder is like decaf coffee. Brown flavored water with no substance, nutritional value, or real purpose.

Or am I wrong?

Was tonights virtual reality episode reminiscent of the other VR episode on the X-Files?

Let the arguments begin!

I am enjoying TLG a lot. I even like Jimmy! He brings some sort of wierd balance to the show and the actor who plays him plays the character so straight that it works. Eve brings, well, some more balance and a smart and pretty girl in black leather, something an old Avengers fan like me can appreciate. She’s no Emma Peel, but she will do.

The X Files has gotten so MOPEY this season. Scully goes around near tears the whole time, and Skinner’s no improvement. This isn’t supposed to be a Mexican soap opera!

They need to use Molten Metal Man more. His beat-up old cop brings something freshly old-fashioned to the show.

And the ladies who took me to task for describing somebody as “the new Krycek” will be happy the Real Thing is back.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets a kick out of the Lone Gunmen. They just make me laugh, for some reason. The short guy is a real hoot. I like Molten Metal Man, too. I may be way off base here, but he seems to be a fair actor. Course, with so few shows on TV with even a sniff of Sci-fi to them, I’ll watch just about anything that isn’t reality-based or a sit-com or a legal/cop drama.

UPN has a couple interesting looking shows coming on in a couple weeks, but it might be hard to tell them apart. One is sorta like Ghostbusters without funny actors and the other one looks like ER meets Tales From the Crypt.

And they’ll probably suck.

(Boy, I’m begging to get flamed for this, but…)

Perhaps you have been comparing him with the Howie Long of creepy TV, David Duchovny.

Oh, come on! Duchovny’s a miserable actor! He just looks good compared with Gillian Anderson, the Teri Hatcher of creepy TV.

Robert Patrick might not, overall, be the next Olivier (for one thing, he underplays rather than chewing the scenery shamelessly!), but he’s doing a good job. I am disappointed in Mitch Pileggi, who has gotten so sensitive he’ll have a talk show on Lifetime soon.

By the way I hope some one remembered to tape TLG it for Anthracite while she is away!
They are probably just about as out of date there, as we are here (No sign of TLG coming our way till sometime next season :()

I like the show too, but why in the hell does the jock seem to be the most gung-ho of the bunch? When TLG were on X-Files, they invariably provided a timely burst of energy to that show. Unortunately, the enthusiam was beaten out of them when they have this new show. Must be that full-body cavity search in the first episode must have affected them more than they let on.

i will not take drop to the pit over a tv show
i will not take drop to the pit over a tv show
i will not take drop to the pit over a tv show
i will not take drop to the pit over a tv show…


though I must admit, well stated if nothing else.