The Lone Gunmen...any advance buzz?

I am eagerly awaiting the debut of “The Lone Gunmen” on Fox on Sunday night. I always liked TLG better than Scully or Mulder–it looked like they did close to the same thing, but without the moodiness, seriousness, or excessive flashlight work. Any X-Files episode with TLG in it was a good one.

Has anyone read any advance reviews or have any buzz about the quality of the show? I really hope it turns out to be a good show–it’s got a lot of potential.

Here is one article on it that I found:

I am not sure the link will work 100%, but it is at that site.

The site has information about the first few “Lone Gunmen” shows. It also used to have an incredibly negative review of the new series, but I don’t see it anymore.