A Prayer for the Lone Gunmen

Dear God,

You know how I hate to bother you, figuring people should dig themselves out of their own messes as much as possible, but this is out of my hands and, if the review in Time is any indication, something only you can fix:

Please make the new “Lone Gunmen” show not suck as bad as it looks like it will.

I have been dreading this premiere as much as I have been looking forward to it because I can imagine the many levels on which it can suck.

I don’t ask for much, just something on the tube that I can enjoy.



I’ve loved them on every X-Files episode I’ve ever seen them on. I’m at the point where I don’t give a damn if they ever find Mulder or not. This show has definitely jumped the shark. It’s way past the point of a death with dignity.

:not quite a hijack but more like wandering off a side road:

Do you remember the episode several season ago where some “lone gunmen” history was revealed? My favorite bit on that episode was watching Fox’s cell phones get more and more huge as they went back in time.

The IMDB page news said it may not debut until next year. You’ll be able to delay the suckification of it until then.

Personally I have no use for lone gunmen. All of them that I hang out with like large groups, 120-150 for shoots once a month or more.

Nope, starts Sunday.

I think what I like about them is that I “know” those guys. Hell, I AM those guys!

And here I was thinking this would be something along the lines of…

Now I lay X-Files to sleep,
My DVD’s I long shall keep.
Should spin-offs die before I wake,
I pray the Lord… smite the evildoers with excruciating death and eternal damnation!

Ahem… sorry. I meant to say:

I pray the Lord new series make.

Yea, that’s the ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:

[sub]Now I remember why I’m not watching much TV anymore.[/sub]

Actually, I hope the show is great! I always enjoyed the X-Files episodes with those three on, and they have a certain chemistry together. (I realize that the writers could really suck it up, BUT…).

So here is to hope, and after the premier shall I judge. MAS*H sucked for the first few YEARS in the ratings, and turned out to be the best show on TV. So I hope that the Lone Gunmen get off to a better start, and surpass the X-Files in popularity and plot.


Vidi Vici Veni!

According to Time Chris Carter is threatening to quit “X-Files” if Fox pulls the plug on “The Lone Gunman” as quickly as they did it to “Harsh Realm.” A show has to work out some of the kinks first before it can succeed. I hope some Fox execs were watching their show about “Cheers” tonight because that was dead last its first weeks, beaten by UNUTTERABLE crap like “The New Odd Couple.”

And I’m not really ALL of them. I like to think I’m Byers, but I fear I’m really Frohike.

Let me send what good karma I have to making this show a raving success. I want it to be good so incredibly badly.

[sub]please please please be decent and watchable[/sub]

I think I was pretty late in finding out about this show. The first I’d heard of it was a promo I saw a couple of weeks ago.
I’m really looking forward to it, though I’ll probably have to tape it. It’s not looking like I’ll be home Sunday night. I always liked those characters when I used to watch X-Files (it’s been a while). Hopefully it’ll be good. If not, then hopefully the network will give them a chance to straighten it out.

It will certainly be better than the new X-files.

First off, I LIKED Harsh Realm. Finally something my father could follow.
Anyway, sidebar to The Mermaid: I believe the episode you’re reffering to was “The Unusual Suspects” in the… sixth season? Not quite sure about the title, but that was the first episode that really featured them for the whole episode. The sequel to that came in “Three of a Kind” a season or so later.

Back to the topic. I really, really, really hope this series makes it. I think they should’ve nixed the 'Files and gone into the movie series they were planning. But I like the Lone Gunman. They’re funny and really interesting characters, if you ask me. I, for one, am going to watch the show.

Just in case anyone is wondering, this series will not really be at all like the X-Files in the sense it won’t have some overlying arc that is continued on ad infinitum. Each episode will basically be a stand alone.