I liked the pilot of "The Lone Gunmen"

It was much better than what I was led to believe by the story I had read on the Internet. But a show so narrowly tailored to the technologically obsessed is bound to suffer in the ratings.

Any other thoughts?

Humorous…falling face first in the mud…:slight_smile:
shoulda seen it coming but I didn’t

Deep…his father wasn’t dead??

can’t dance to it…

I give it a 7.5
Looking forward to next week


::looks at his card:: Whoops

::flips it around::



It seems the LG’s will get a sexy Catwoman-like collaborator who will occasionally help them but whose motives are always in doubt.

That should help the ratings some.

I liked the story quite a bit. Not too contrived. The dialogue needs some work, but writers with as good a sense of story as these folks seem to have can probably fix that.

It’s rare that I’ve watched a show from the pilot on (only other one I can recall is Andromeda), but I quite liked this.


Originally posted by Palandine:

Wow that’s pretty harsh, 8/10=.8, are you sure you don’t have your scorecard upside down like Mercutio did?

I liked it.


Smartasses go to Hell, Attrayant… :smiley:

I liked it, especially Langely’s Soul Coughing shirt, but the whole “anything can be hacked into, and fast” thing annoyed me.
It just seemed to me that it could have been handled better.

Good hacking:
plot to get the chip
yves bugging them, and hijacking the chip
finding the remote control device
investigation of byer’s dad’s home

bad hacking:
winch controls (why was it even networked?)
gov. tracing program
using the Octium chip
re-taking control of the plane

But, it was pretty good for a pilot episode. I’m hopeful.

I liked the fact that Byers and his father didn’t have an Instant Reconciliation After All These Years at the end with lots of weeping and stuff. They only sort of made up.

I don’t really have a problem with the idea of the winch controls being networked. I would imagine the Lone Gunmen are the kind of people who go out of their way to put lots of stuff on the computer even if a less elegant method would work better.

People on this show are, of course, capable of hacking into computers with superhuman speed, with a maximum of three cracks at the password before breaking in. But this will probably always be with us to some degree in any show involving hacking. Activate your “Suspension of Disbelief” chip or give up the possibility of enjoying any show in this genre forever.

I like the notion that the Lone Gunmen seem to have picked up the desire to acquire proof for their conspiracy theories. It’s a new show, so why not give them a new attitude?

I am looking forward to the show where they explore the urban legend about the car that runs on water.


It tries hard to be a comedy and a drama. There is a lack of focus, but the storyline was good. The show didn’t score well in my narrow poll of high school sophomores (all of whom liked X-Files).

Biggest success: History already established by X-Files, so the show doesn’t need to spend 4 episodes detailing the characters’ pasts.
Biggest flaw: Dialogue.

I liked the pilot too, though I anticipated more humor. (I thought it would be one of TV’s rarest creatures, the one-hour comedy.) I don’t know how much potential it has, though. Millennium only lasted two seasons or less, right?

I hope it does last. There aren’t too many nerd heroes on TV.