Week 2 - Hope for the Lone Gunmen?

Well, last week I posted I did not like the pilot of the Lone Gunmen, wherein I gave the show a raw score of “5.0/10.0”, scaled to “7.0/10.0” for being a pilot. This week, I am happy to give the show a raw score of “7.5/10.0”, scaled to “8.5/10.0” for being the second episode (the third gets only a half point, and the rest the raw score, if anyone cares).

This show was a big improvement - much more believable plot, more believable acts and actions by the characters. Very funny opening sequence, also believable. They did not do the “everything can be hacked” so much as the last episode. Also, there was more good character development for the Gunmen themselves. Apparantly, Eve is a recurring character. I have doubts about her tho.

The bad guys were a little wooden, and there was not much given in the way of character development for them. A new character was added to the series - a sorta tough-guy good-hearted doofus - I don’t know, for some reason, I think that it just might work.

So…IMO, it was a big step in the right direction. I had a few quibbles I was going to list, but - eh, who cares.

I didn’t see the premire, but I thought this week’s episode was pretty dull. The writing is mediocre at best. Mildly interesting, but it pales in the inevitable comparison to the X Files.

No ‘compromised cookies’ this time, I heard. That’s an improvement.

Heh…yeah, I forgot about that. My cookies have never been “compromised.” Does that mean I’m a better hacker than the Langley? :slight_smile:

You can’t go wrong adding a dumb guy to a show. Kind of like adding a wacky neighbor to a sitcom.

I did like this one better. Some good slapstick (golfbag, blind football), an interesting plot (believable plot to steal money, not remote control a plane) and new characters slipped in.

I give it an 8.

I liked Episode 2 alot. The first episode had more holes in the plot than swiss cheese. This week the “Crouching Tiger” sequence was a riot, and the blind football team was funny too. I am really starting to get behind this show.

Unfortnuately, Week 3 will be moved to Friday night, the ultimate death knell for Chris Carter’s series.

I liked last night’s episode. The Matrix/Mission Impossible/Crouching Tiger opener was hilarious. Adding the dumb guy (Jimmy Bond) was a good idea because he is A)funny and b)way HOT! I mean, Langley, Frohike, and Byers are pretty homely guys. You got Eve for they guys and Jimmy for the “other” guys and the ladies.

The writing is still uneven, but I think the show can work. I intend to keep watching.

So how many “Frohike Falls” were there? I only remember the football tackle.