Does anyone remember this website?

I’ve never read the site, but I agree that the review that Mahaloth linked to is not only insane, but super creepily insane.

Man, he looks nothing like I thought, either. I was certain he had a short beard, and dark brown long wavy hair. Like a shorter, fatter Dino Stamatopolous. Funny that my memory was so far off. I was never a regular AICN reader, but he was popular enough that I certainly read it on occasion. Looking at photos of him, he doesn’t even look familiar. Memory is a funny thing.

I’m not trying to be funny, but I absolutely always pictured him having white, short hair and big hipster eyeglasses. What the hell.

He also has numbness in his feet/ankles. He struggles to walk and has for years.

Wheelchair bound, mainly.

It’s insane and he wrote other things like that. Still, Blade 2 is a famous one from him. Everyone should read it.

His style, though crude and man-childish, used to be a breath of fresh air amongst film criticism, plus he introduced a new kind of movie gossip peopled with “insiders” and set visits from ordinary people. But after five years you’d think he’d evolve and improve, whereas he stagnated and if anything got worse. His cohorts surpassed him quickly, and then abandoned him to do their own thing on more respected sites.

His legacy lives on. Irreverence and insider gossip is still popular, but he is now largely forgotten.