Does anyone use their glove box to store gloves?

I have worked as a mechanic for a dealership for about 4 years and on every car I work on I do a routine check. One of which is checking the cabin air filter which is behind the glove box. Just last week I actually saw a pair of gloves in the glove box. I don’t think I have ever seen that before. Does any one else use their glove box for gloves?



Ohmigod, I feel like an idiot. Is *that *where it got its name?!

Actually, yes, I do have a pair of grippy gloves in there, just in case I need to change a tire. Never used 'em, though. Glad I inadvertently put them in their proper place. :smiley:

Yes, actually.

Nope. All the gloves I’ve owned:

  1. Winter gloves: kept in my coat pocket.
  2. Baseball gloves: too big for the glove box.
  3. Rubber gloves: kept in first aid kit.
  4. Diving gloves: kept in bag with my other snorkling gear.

I have no idea what driving gloves are for, why you would use them, or if anybody even sells them around here.

No. I have maps and asprin and lotion in mine. The gloves stay in the house.

But but… shouldn’t that be where you store your… BOXING GLOVES?

I grew up hearing it called a “glove compartment,” so “glove box” has always sounded just a little bit off to me. I suppose if I cared, I could start one of those polls, where people tell which term they use, and where they’re from and how old they are and all that business, but… I don’t care that much, so I won’t.

In the winter I normally have a pair of thin liner gloves in there just so I don’t have skin on frozen steering wheel feeling.

Pair of grippy/insulatey gloves in my car emergency kit.

Interesting. I’ve been saying glove compartment for years and the word “glove” never really registered in my mind. The mental image it always brings to my mind is “where you put paper, pen and uneaten fast food”.

These are driving gloves. It was expected that it should be a UK shopping site wasn’t it?

Back in the day, steering wheels could be skinny plastic or polished wood. Gloves give you the grip that is built in nowadays with leather trimmed or supple vinyl covers.

And here I though it was used for gloves back in the days when you also wore goggles, scarves, and a duster when you drove. If you were in an open-air horseless carriage on an unpaved road, dust was a consideration.

do it!!!

No, of course not. I would love some driving gloves*, but I live in the Northeast, and when I am wearing gloves, I’m wearing them from the door of my house, because it’s cold enough out.

*Though I don’t really know what they’re for. I just think they’re neato.

For several years now, one of my missions has been to get people to call it a “dash box”.

I suspect the people here who say they do keep gloves in the glove compartment are liars. I’ve never seen anyone do it.
One of the most understated sight gags in the old Police Squad show (the precursor to The Naked Gun movies) was when Frank Drebbin pulls open his glove compartment to get a gun or something, but he can’t find it, because his glove compartment is filled with gloves.

No way in hell. Gloves left in the car overnight are just as uncomfortable as gripping a cold steering wheel.

Yes – under the owners manual and some other crap but they are there. One thin leather pair of driving gloves for summer when the steering wheel is the temp of fresh lava.

Nope, I use my glove box to perform experiments in an inert athmosphere

I keep my driving gloves in my helmet.

I did it once, sort of as an experiment.

As a suburbanite I’m not outside that much–usually just a few steps from car to office or store. But sometimes, for various reasons, I need to park and take a longer walk, and I was getting caught without gloves.

So I thought, this is stupid. I should keep gloves in the car, so I’ll have them if I need them. If only there was a handy place to put them. Wait a minute, there’s . . . the glove compartment! That’s why they call it that!

(We always called it the glove compartment. Glove box sounds vaguely British to me, or maybe East Coast, or both.)

But after I wore my gloves I’d forget to put them back, so they ended up in my house, and the experiment didn’t last. Eventually I bought a winter coat with bigger pockets and now I just jam the gloves into the pockets so they’re there if I need them.