Does anyone want the rest of this donut?

Anyone want the rest of this donut? All I want is the powdered sugar coating.

Oh, sure! Take the best part!

And I suppose you can just apply the rest of it directly to my thighs, while you’re at it.

What, no chocolate? I demand variety!



Mmmm…donut-covered thighs. <drool>

You know what I like? Those little powdered sugar covered donuts. You know, the bite sized kind. MMMMMMM…

Actually, they are my assistant’s favorite junk food. Every once in a while I buy a bag of 'em and leave 'em on her desk. She gets so excited! There’s always a little note on the bag that says: “Compliments of the donut fairy.” I think she suspects it’s me though. Then again, what with me being gay and all, I guess “donut fairy” ain’t a real big stretch. :smiley:

No thanks. I just read Happy Lendervedder’s thread about hottubbing in poop soup and I’ve lost my appetite.

It depends. Are you licking off the sugar, or snorting?

Sorry, I’m not allowed to eat other people’s donuts.

Yeah…I’ll eat your donut.

I like the little bite-sized chocolate-covered donuts. MMMMMM. Yummy.

‘Donut Fairy’ :smiley:

DoNUT make me come in there young man! Just eat your deep-fried cake-like dessert treat, and stop trying to pawn it off on others!
-Your mom

Little Tiny Donuts™ give me the energy I need for my olympic training.

I can’t stand those little donuts. They look too much like anuses. The chocolate ones look like unwiped anuses. The powdered sugar ones look like freshly talcumed anuses.

Hmmm… freshly talcumed anuses…

I am so glad you went with the second option for this.

Ya hardly ever see them anymore, but my favorite were those big, soft n’ pillowy, powdered yeast donuts. Do they even make them anymore?

So much better than cake donuts. I bet the yung’uns around here never even had them, I think they went the way of the doldo some years ago… such a shame.

I believe you mean “dildo.”

Straight up the ass?

Band name!