Does Biden have early on set dementia?

Jill Biden did very good there but should never have happened. How can your security be so lax? His sister looked frightened.

Biden married up.

What would be interesting would be if the plan is to get Joe elected, have him serve maybe a year, and then resign for health reasons, putting the hand-picked VP into office without having to actually get them elected.

Super conspiratorial and a bit absurd, I know. But still interesting to consider.

Depending on the VP, if course, but I’d probably be ok with that.

I think Biden is losing his hearing, which is pretty common in people over 70. Aged hearing makes it difficult to pick out a single voice in a crowd, which could explain his sometimes getting lost in those debate free for alls.

As for his speaking gaffes, he’s always been a not-great orator. We can’t all be Obama.

If you want to see if Joe is sharp, watch him in a one on one interview. See how he deals with one speaker and one question.

Biden has a history of verbal gaffes; it’s part of his charm that he’s a plain spoken, regular blue collar guy, not your usual polished politician.

The Onion (the satirical magazine) has long played on this with a theme that he’s a rebellious lowbrow scofflaw (I.e. he wears cutoff jeans, drives a Trans Am, likes to “cruise for chicks” and party).

It’s not that Joe has dementia. It’s that he’s “Uncle Joe”, that folksy and funny guy who puts a smile on your face. Reganesque, perhaps.

(And I agree that any concerns will be best mollified if he has a strong and vibrant VP. I predict he selects a woman, and expect her to be high energy).

And the Russian attack memes begin…

Biden has probably lost a step or two, but his ideas are still better and more realistic than Bernie’s and Trump is mentally unstable, so I’ll still take Biden.

I do believe that he’s beginning to show signs of dementia. I’ve been watching him for years, and the deterioration is visible.

He’s still competent. I mean, he doesn’t need a guardian or anything.

But I know all too well (being the primarly caretaker for my father, who definitely has dementia) that once the process starts, there can be precipitous drops in cognitive capability. On the other hand, things can plateau for a long time.

But I don’t think Biden is in shape to be president.

It seems like the Biden’s “dementia” suddenly blossomed after St. Bernard got his ass kicked in South Carolina.

Oh it’s been around for a while but yeah, it really has kicked since SC. It appears Putin may not be the only one with Facebook/Twitter troll farms at work.

I have heard for many years that Biden stutters when he’s off-camera, and some of his verbal gaffes are attempts to circumvent this.

He’s never been my choice, this time or others, but I’ll vote for him over the Manchurian Cantaloupe any day.


Next crazy ass question please.

I hear lots of people are saying he’s running a child porn ring out of a pizza parlor. Is it true or is prostitution with Ukrainian children?

I don’t think he has dementia, but Biden just seems so lackluster to me like his heart isn’t really in the race and he is just going through the motions. He seems so diminished for example from when he had the last vice presidential debate.

This is true. I read an in-depth about it somewhere, where Biden admitted it was true, he fights a stutter. One can sympathize, I’ve stutter on occasion, sometimes damned awkwardly but not habitually.

No, you dont stay a leader in politics by being nothing less than an excellent speaker.

“You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t.” - Barack Obama

I mean, I guess President Obama would be blunt if he had to, but that’s a gentle, early, “Don’t do this.” to me. Also, he’s been really slow about endorsing his friend and running mate of 8 years. Could be one or more of many other reasons why, of course.

I used to be in favor of a one-and-done Biden presidency, but not after seeing his gaffes, which are starting to remind me of my dementia-addled mother.

I’m not worried if Biden occasional loses track when having to speak, or flubs a line. Most people do.

Who among us have NOT asked “What is the word I’m looking for? Or what was that guys name?” How many of us have not forgotten an acronym, or important date?

Biden is a decent man. That’s kinda important.

Trump is a criminal, treasonous, racist moron that only cares about himself. He can barely string two sentences together. That’s kinda important too.

Someone here on the SDMB said it very well - I paraphrase - “Trumps thought process is a dying camel looking for an idea in the desert of his mind”. Sums it up quite well.

I got it, let’s play a game–someone tell me what Unca Joe is trying to say:

Cuz I dunno.

You know, the thing!

What’s he running for again? And who’s the other Biden?

My sister! My wife!

So yeah, anyone who can translate this go for it. What the fuck is he supposed to be saying and who thinks this is a person in charge of all their faculties?

Maybe I’m just a lying dog faced pony soldier who doesn’t get the exquisite subtlety of his wit. Yeah, that must be it.

This is nothing compared to Trumps constant, deliberate bullshit and lies. I think Trump actually BELIEVES some of the stupid shit he says. Trump has never taken a moment in his entire life to consider an opinion that did not somehow form in his… brain.

If you had to rent a property too, or from a person. Who would you trust? Trump or Biden?