Does Brian Brohm = "PLEASE Don't Come Back, Brett"?

I wasn’t shocked that the Green Bay Packers took a quarterback- no one is SURE that Aaron Rodgers can do the job, and somebody needs to be there to take the job if he can’t.

But anybody else think that the Packers were ALSO sending a message to Mississippi? Something like, “Don’t bother working out, Brett. Take it easy and enjoy retired life. If Aaron gets hurt, we WON’T be calling. We’ll be just fine without you. Time to move on. For good.”

Well, it’s also insurance on insurance. Rodgers finally gets the reins and if he fucks up, at least there’s another promising young quarterback behind him. Besides, you can never have too many quarterbacks.

The Packers’ depth chart when they last won the super bowl went Favre-Mark Brunnell (before his few badass years with the Jaguars)-Aaron Brooks.

Drafting quarterback Matt Flynn in the seventh round was the Packers’ way of telling Favre “… aaaaaand STAY OUT!”

Reducing the Favre uncertainty can’t be a bad thing, but I’m sure it isn’t their main concern. But their previous backups were Jerry Babb and Dalton Bell, a pair of undrafted free-agent guys from small colleges who are entering their second years, and obviously have never played a down. Can’t blame Green Bay for wanting some more options.

If the Packers don’t want Favre to come back, all they have to do is tell him he’s not wanted and tell him to find another team- they aren’t forced to put him on the roster, or play him. The OP seems to imply they wouldn’t want him back- is this really the case? And if Brohm was so highly thought of, he would have been gone long before the third round.

Two QB picks this year, I get. Two picks (including our first) for WR’s I don’t get, Koren Robinson is 5th in our depth chart for the love of god.

In addition to what’s been said above, what little we’ve seen on Rodgers, he appears to be made partly of Waterford crystal. He’s had at least one season ending injury already, plus a couple of others that would’ve caused him to miss games if he were the starter.

Plus, Packers GM Thompson has always been of the “best guy available” school of drafting. They took 2 WR, which is by far their deepest position already.

My wife is friends with Flynn’s sister, so we were keeping a close eye on where Matt wound up.

His main concern: “I just don’t want to go somewhere cold”. D’oh!!

Was he happier to be drafted by SOMEONE, or would he have rather been passed up so he could ply his trade with whichever team he liked?