Brett Favre go away!

You’re retired. Stay retired. If you’re really such a great teammate, then put away your ego and let Aaron Rodgers have his turn.

He is retired. I don’t think he’s going to come back in any way shape or form for the Packers. He might get released and then play for another team, however.

Aaron is in good shape, don’t worry about the Pack.

He would be a good backup QB. The Pack needs to get on with their future.

Agreed. Go fuck yourself, Favre.

If I were a Packer fan, I’d be sick to death of his annual hijack of the offseason.

Judging by much of the local sports talk and newspaper articles, many of them are.

The sports radio jerkoffs around here (San Fran) seem to be of the “He’s Brett Favre, let’s bend over no matter what” stripe. Fuck dat. As great as he was, and he still may have a good season or two in him, once he retires for real, you just have to move on. Once you commit, you have to follow through, or we’ll have another almost-good-enough Favre-led pack. As opposed to the first in possibly a building string of possibly solid Aaron-led Packers teams.


I never had anything against the guy before he started doing the “I, Brett of the Packers, am now gathering the cardinals in my 435-acre chapel, and when white smoke emerges from the chimney in a month, you wilt know that I have decided whether or not to grace the field of play with my presence next season.” That’s happened, what, the last three years? And now this is worse. You could almost tell the broadcasters were preparing for one last season of Favre lovre and were starting to think of other things to talk about. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know I’m already tired of hearing about it.

Sigh… you KNOW what’s going to happen, right?

The Pack will try to trade him, but find there are no takers… none who’ll offer more than a late round draft pick. So, they’ll have to release him.

So, who’ll pick him up? Either the Bears (bad for Green Bay) or (more likely) the Vikings.

The first Monday night game this year is the Vikings at Green Bay, the game where they were SUPPOSED to retire Brett’s jersey. And the media will hype the crap out of this game for weeks and weeks, until we’re even sicker of the name BRett Favbre than we already are.

It’s going to be painful.

Ted Thompson isn’t stupid. If someone outside the division offers a late-round pick, he’ll take it - a 6th-round pick for a 38-year-old quarterback is a pretty damn good deal, when you think about it.

The big problem with bringing back Favre (for the Packers) is that Aaron Rogers is only under contract for one more season. So, if they do, they are certainly waving goodbye to Rogers at season’s end. Obviously, he’d never re-sign, knowing that Favre might decide to return for another year as God’s Chosen Signal-Caller.

Even if he did want to sign another contract with the Pack, they’d have absolutely nothing to base the numbers on. He hasn’t started a single game yet! How can you sign a guy to a long-term deal, presumably with starter’s money involved, with less than half a regular season game to judge him by?

The Pack has something no team in the modern NFL ever has- a first-round quarterback who’s been able to learn the offense under little to no pressure for four years. Think about how that worked out for Tony Romo - and he was almost an afterthought in the draft.

That’s just what the guys in There’s Something About Mary were thinking!

As a die hard Packer fan it’s almost blasphemous to say, but I think Favre should stay retired. He had a respectable final season and I really doubt that the Packers will do any better this year - with or without him.

If he loves football so much he should start playing on a coed flag team. I can’t see how playing another year could be anything but bad for him and for the Packers.

I WAS actually happy with Farve when he retired. He was definite, he was timely.
Apparently, he changed his mind a few weeks later and the team said “sure” and even charted a plane before he said “no, I’m really retired”.

I like(d) Farve, but NO way should they unconditionally release him (something the team is NOT planning on doing). Apparently they offered him the backup QB slot (Given Rodger’s fragility there could be a real chance to play)
Personally I think they should make him field goal holder or something. (Janitor? peanut vendor?)

They also shouldn’t retire his number officially until he really stops playing.

Before anything happens he does need to notify the commisioner of his unretirement (I don’t think it can be refused)


Especially if that team is one Favre is less-than-thrilled about playing for.

Favre is one of the most selfish and arrogant QBs in the league. IMO, he’s frankly only one or two notches below Terrell Owens on the asshole scale. And I’m an Eagles fan.

What if that team flips him to an NFC North team for a higher pick?

I really don’t like Brett Favre. I never have. I think he’s been highly overrated for the past 6 years. Yes, last season, he looked like a star again, but for the previous 5 seasons, he was as likely to throw a stupid, game-losing interception as he was to throw a clutch, game-winning TD pass.

And I get REALLY sick of hearing sportscasters praise him to the heavens, and marveling at how much fun he’s having, even as he’s playing like crap.


If I were the GM of the Packers, I’d have to look at this logically. I’d have to say, “We were one game away from the Super Bowl last year. We have a shot at getting back there again. Who gives us a better chance at going to the Super Bowl this year- Favre or Rogers?”

I think Favre is an asshole, but you know what? The answer to that question is self-evident. Favre gives the Packers a better chance at making the Super Bowl than Rogers does. So, if he wants to come back, the Packers ought to say, “Welcome aboard. Sorry, Aaron, sucks for you, but this is a business. If you don’t want to wait around a few more season, well, that’s what we have Brohm for.”

Don’t give me any nonsense about the team having “moved on,” and don’t tell me they owe anything to Aaron Rogers. Face facts- if the Patriots, for some insane reason, were offering Tom Brady to the Packers for a song, you’d expect the Pack to take Brady and tell Aaron Rogers, “Tough luck,” right? In the NFL, every player KNOWS he’s expendable and will be replaced i na heartbeat if someone better is available.

Well, sadly, someone better is available. A someone I can’t stand, but so what?

If Favre wants to come back, the Packers are nuts not to take him back.

Tom Brady can be your quarterback for 10 years. How much longer do you think Favre’s got? More to the point, even if you knew he could play next year, you’d need a contingency plan in place in case he decides to go back to Mississippi and felch goats or whatever.

He’s a selfish prick, and this nonsense is almost like a parody of his annual three-month decision over whe to retire in the first place, which was ridiculous enough already.

No he doesn’t. His agent never filed his retirement paperwork in the first place; all he has to do is tell the Packers to take him off the “Reserve/Retired” list.

How much Brett Favre coverage do we need? Guess what Brett, the Packers didn’t welcome you back with open arms. They’re not going to trade you to the Vikings. So go play for the Bucs or just go away!

As a Packer owner, I’m perfectly content to let Packer management deal with the situation, and will be fine with whatever outcome they manage to put together.

So, Favre will report to camp tomorrow.

If I’m a coach, I can’t tell my players that Aaron Rodgers gives us a better chance to win the Super Bowl.

So, start Favre?

Favre has been reinstated and got on a plane to Green Bay today. The Packers say they’re going to let him “compete for the starting job”, which sounds ludicrous to me. For one thing, there isn’t any contest, and for another, there’s no way they could ever sit Favre down as a backup, especially not when his starting streak is still intact. As soon as Rodgers goes out and stinks up his first game (and he will. The Packers are opening against one of the best defensive lines in the NFL). the fans at Lambeau are going to be screaming for blood. I can’t see it happening. They have to either start Favre or send him where he wants to go. He’s got them by the balls.