Favre is back! (My opinion, nothing official yet)

I’ve been calling for another year since last April. Actually, I’ve been calling for at least two more since way back when. Based on Warren Moon, John Elway and Dan Marino retiring at a later ages, I’m still looking for 2 more years.

Yes, Favre has said if he plays this year, that’s it. OK, but if it’s year by year, I can hold out hope. Deal with it. Let me dream.

He’s good friends with Craig Nall, the 3rd string QB in GB. Nall signed with Buffalo recently. If Favre were thinking seriously of retiring, he would have let Nall know that Nall was at least the backup to Rodgers should Favre retire. Not the starter, but one step closer. And in a position to at least challenge for the starting spot. A first-round pick QB isn’t automatically the starter when the job is open. But a first-rounder backing up Favre isn’t going to make the 3rd string guy feel very confident in playing time when the contract nogotiations roll around. Especially if another team offers a starting chance.

The consensus first round pick is Williams or Hawk. Barring some trade or draft foul-up that gets us Bush. In that case, there’s a reasonable shot of picking up another QB. And drafting defense later. Not likely as defense is an immediate need, but 2 first-round QB’s gives a trade option, which gives some leverage in trading for a proven impact player.

I’m realistic enough to know it’s unlikely to happen again, but I do remember how many “experts” laughed their asses off at the idea of Reggie White ever playing in Green Bay.

And look what happened.

I saw the 4 letter notwork lament that GB didn’t make a run for T.O. (Notwork was a typo, but I ain’t changing it since it’s appropriate). Favre wouldn’t put up with his shit, so I’m hoping he had a say. Further indicating he’s going to be back.

We’ve made some moves on defense. And still have a ton of cap money. This is Ted Thompson we’re talking about. He who brought in Sean Jones, Reggie White, and Andre Rison in time to learn the system to catch a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl win.

Ted has proven he can find the bargain player to help the team. And that was when he didn’t have this much money to play with.

Green Bay’s defense wasn’t as bad as some think. They were 6th or 7th overall in the NFC I think. The offense? If you’re a football fan, you know damn well they didn’t have an offense save for Favre and Gado. There just wasn’t enough healthy players to do anything. Yet they lost games by less than 7 points for the most part.

Always competetive, but when you take the aggregate talent of a CFL team and pit them against the comparable talent of a Super Bowl team every week, what do you expect? 4 wins was impressive.

The 2005 Packers were overachievers in winning 4 games. The 2005 Packers, also, weren’t healthy enough to be considered an NFL team.

Know how many games Favre won in 2005? 4.

Know how many he lost? 10. (Can’t blame it all on him. I’ll say 10 because he took it on himself and made some mistakes.) Keep in mind he didn’t have much to work with so those 4 wins were huge.

He’s coming back. I’m calling it here. And if it isn’t this year he gets the second ring, it’ll be next year.

I may be deluded and hoping for too much. But this is important. To me. There is a feeling among Packer fans that hold Favre and his family as one of our own. We genuinely love him.

Should this be the year we don’t see him suit up, it’s just going to be empty. We always will be Packer fans, but without Favre it’s just going to be different. I dare say if this is it and Rodgers leads us to the next 5 straight Super Bowl titles, most fans will still wear the number 4 and talk about Favre.

I put this in MPSIMS because it’s partly a love letter to Brett.

If you’re not a Packer fan, you won’t understand the love of the man over and above a quarterback. If you are a Packer fan, you know how there is now way to describe the feeling.

But I shan’t give up hope. I expect to be back next week saying “I told you so.”

2 more years of Favre!

51% of me says he’s bowing out. But I like the way he’s kept us in the dark until HE says it, not rumours or reports.

Not going after TO is no big deal, and doesn’t mean anything. A lot of teams didn’t go after him.

Well that was a whole lot of nothing. Must have been a PR move by the head of the resort he’s having his golf tournament at.

I just spent a nice couple of days in Wisconsin. Nice state. And I, too, hope Favre comes back.

Y’see, I like Wisconsin, but I like Minnesota more. :wink:

Packer Fan Here - Lived up there for 17 years

Duffer, I hate to disagree but I don’t think he will come back and am not convinced that if he did the results would be any different.

Truthfully, I think the departure of Sherman was the straw the broke the camel’s back.

We saw very little of what made Favre famous during the last season and IMHO would see even less were he to return again. I would just as soon see him retire before the fans turn on him and it gets ugly.

To think that this team would be a contender this year with or without Favre may be delusional.

I hope he comes back, has a worse record than last year and gets to leave Lambeau field with the whole fair weather crowd booing him and throwing things.

That would be the greatest Christmas I could ever have :slight_smile:

tiny ham, you just won’t understand the love Packer fans have for Favre. There is no chance he’d ever be booed off the field, even if he ever went 0-16. That’s left for Vikes fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope the Iron Hillbilly decides to come back for two more beatings by the mighty Chicago Bears Defense!


“Oh, Mr. Favre, a Brian Urlacher is on the line for you…”

How quickly you forget :slight_smile: When he got his ass handed to him by the Falcons in the playoffs AT Lambeau, the crowd was DEFINITELY booing.

Been there, did that. Once upon a time here in Buffalo Jim Kelly was (and still is) reveared.

Let Farve walk away. It’s the best thing for him and the fans.

Brett Favre is the reason I started watching football. I became a Packers fan because my grandfather was. I’ll always love the Pack, but football without Favre will be very, very different.

That said…he’s not ever going to be as good as he was. He needed Mike Holmgren to keep him reined in and playing the gameplan. When he decides to take things in to his own hands, he makes stupid mistakes. I don’t care what John Madden says about him having fun out there. I seriously don’t think he was having fun throwing stupid interceptions in playoff losses. Favre does have a lot of the primadonna in him but it can be controlled. Without control, he’s gonna keep throwing a 20/29 TD to INT ratio.

Booing him, or booing a defense that let some guy from the south run all over them in the snow?

No him. Typical Cheesehead. Blames everyone except Favre.

So they don’t ever blame Favre except when they do???

He’s lost his share of games and has deserved to be booed in more than a few of them but this wasn’t one of them. Maybe your memory is better than mine, but his stats were actually a little better than Mr Vick’s. 20-42-233-1-2. Not exactly booing material.

The Green Bay D couldn’t stop Vick when they needed to, blocked punts for td’s, penalties, fumbles, interceptions…a lot of everything.

Fine, bring on Aaron Rodgers. That should instill some fear into the Bears. :dubious:

Whenever Pack fans get backed in the corner regarding Favre being a little less perfect than Jesus Christ, they have to mention that the Bears suck. I never said they didn’t. That has nothing to do with what an asshole Favre is. My memory may be actually poor of that day, because I was laughing so hard at how Brett left the field so quickly, embarrassed and beaten instead of his usual cocky self. Whenever I see that man throw an interception, every announcer and fan around me says “well the receiver wasn’t there!” (John Madden in particular). It’s never Favre threw an interception, it’s the receiver didn’t catch his pass. :rolleyes:

I just want him to be…gone, over…goodbye.

I don’t care one way or the other, but those are terrible numbers.

Same here, and agreed.

I never said the Bears suck. I picked the best team in the division (although Min has made some good moves this year) and used them as an example of how they would not be scared off facing an Aaron Rodgers (notice the dubious icon), a guy so good GB is already thinking of drafting another QB with #5.

Not good, but terrible enough to be booed at home?? Remember we’re talking about playing in GB here, not Philly or NY. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone in a #4 jersey in this state. He’s had playofff games where he threw 5 (or was it 6 against D?) interceptions twice, in Dallas & St Lou–we’re used to it. 2 isn’t that bad considering. It was a team effort.

I’m starting to wonder if Favre isn’t on the Vikings payroll. It’s like he’s trying to wreck the Packers. He seems to have the final say over every move the front office makes. He prevents the team from going into rebuilding mode as it badly needs to do. He chastises his teammates. He pretty much dared the coach to cut him. He has turned his will he/won’t he thing into an enormous distraction for the entire organization. Yet he can’t bother to say if he will play this year or not. Will he return to take a last shot at the single season interception record or not? Will we have to wait until 2007 to see how bad Rodgers is? The suspense is killing me.