Will Bret Favre be the starter for Green Bay in 08?

He is unretiring and reporting for camp. I can’t imagine he would back up Aaron Rogers. At this point, Favre is the better player and the better player should always start. I don’t know who he will be traded to. I find it unsettling when legends known for playing for one team(I know he was originally on the Falcons) end their careers on another, but it is common enough. I think he should have stayed retired personally.

If he’s that set on playing, I find it very curious that he still hasn’t filed his un-retirement papers. I think he’s most likely to stay retired and if that doesn’t happen, he’ll be traded to Tampa- or maybe New York. I don’t think he’ll be playing for the Packers.

Definitely not. Too much loss of face for McCarthy, for him to start Game 1. Too much loss of face for Farve, for him to be on the bench for Game 1.

Too bad the two teams in most need of a QB are both in division. I bet Farve stays retired.

He hasn’t filed for reinstatement yet because the Packers can start fining him for every day he misses training camp. Today I heard that he’s saying that he intends to show up for training camp on monday. It will be very interesting to see what the Packers do then. They can’t put him on the bench. They’ll either have to start him or trade him, and I think they’ll probably try to deal him to an AFC team. I would have loved to see him come to the Purple just to make Packer fans eat their hearts out watching him take the Vikings to a Superbowl but that’s probably not going to happen now. I wonder if he has a trade approval clause in his contract which would allow him to stop thm from trying to send him to some shit team like the Raiders or the Dolphins.

I think Favre has behaved like an ass. I’ve never liked him, even though I freely concede I’d have liked to have him as the Giants’ QB for most of his career.

Mind you, I only started DISLIKING him because I got so sick of announcers kissing his butt and ignoring his many game-losing mistakes (“He just threw an unforgivably stupid pick- STOP telling me how great it is that he’s having so much fun out there!”).

That said, if I were running the Packers, I’d hold my nose and give him every opportunity to be the starter. I know, it sucks for Aaron Rodgers, but football is an unsentimental business.

It’s a pretty simple question: if you want to make it to the Super Bowl, who gives you a better chance? Favre or Rodgers? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Favre is coming off an All-Pro season, and gives the team a better chance of winning right now.

What does everyone think the odds are of a team flipping him to the Vikes or someone else the Packers wouldn’t trade him to on their own.

Interesting. I hadn’t thought of that, but i guess the Packers wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. I think there would have to be something pretty good in it for the intermediary team and they’d have to keep it a secret from Green Bay, so I think the odds are probably low, but who knows? I would be very entertained by seeing Favre suit up for any NFC North team that doesn’t wear green.