Does Cake meet the "Pizza rule"?

The Pizza rule being that even “bad” pizza is still pretty good. I submit that even “bad” cake is still pretty good. Agree?

No, not even close.

If you’re talking about the band, the answer is yes.

If you’re talking about the food, the answer is no.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to question the “pizza” rule and I really love pizza. I’ll eat crappy pizza if I don’t have anything else to eat. But I won’t delude myself into thinking it’s “pretty good”. It’s just better than starving.

But pizza isn’t that hard to mess up. The dough is the hardest part. Get that right, and really what’s the worse that could happen? Don’t add enough sauce and you get cheese toast. Don’t add enough cheese and you get something like focaccia. Don’t add enough of either and you’ve got a big breadstick.

But cake isn’t this way at all.

Hell no.

Pizza doesn’t even meet the pizza rule. But cake from run-of-the-mill grocery store bakery is terrible, and that’s before you get to that oily icing.

Hes going for distance, hes going for speed.

No, you’re thinking of blowjobs.

Genuinely bad cake is pretty rare. But it does exist.

Cake can be a lie, but not pizza.

Yeah, I don’t even agree with the pizza rule. I like lots of different types of pizza, but within each type, there are very few I really like.

I’m even worse with cake. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so it has to be really really good cake for me to eat it.

I’ve had bad pizza.

I’ve had bad cake.

So accepting your premise, the answer is now. Disputing your premise then your premise is wrong.

Man, I love pizza. To me, pizza = bread type material + sauce type material + cheese type material +/- other stuff. I’ve made “pizza” from a slice of bread, leftover red sauce, and a slice of American Cheeselikesubstance. And I liked it.

Hey, I can make one hell of a bad cake when I forget what I’m doing halfway through.

Agreed. Like escalators that become stairs when broken, pizza fails well.

Unlike cake.

I have had very bad pizza. And I have had very bad cake. I have no idea where this silly rule came from.

Over-dry cake and over-dense cake are not rare, in my experience. Not to mention over-sweet cake.

I think I was about ten, and my oldest brother thirteen, the first time he made a chocolate cake from scratch. I’m not sure what recipe he used, but when it was served, it tasted like it was 50% vegetable shortening.

Even a “pizza” made from putting ketchup, an Kraft American single, and a slice of balogna on white bread would have been better than that was…

Nah, cake in general is a pretty simple dessert but it doesn’t take much at all to make it foul.

How many slices of that pizza and pieces of that cake, though?:smiley:

This pizza sucks, and the slices are too small!

I thought the OP meant Pizza was hand food. So is cake if it doesn’t have icing. Pound cake, Bunt Cake, Lemon.

I’d agree bad cake is still delicious. Same as bad Pizza.