Does chewing gum ever give you a headache?

Sometimes it does for me. Kinda strange. I just had a piece a few minutes ago and had to spit it out because now my head is pounding.

The gum was Wrigley’s Extra Spearmint.

Usually, I’ll get a doozy of a headache if I have that cheap, sugary gum (the cheap pink stuff that gets thrown in with other crap candy in those cheap, no name variety packs).

So, anyone else like this, or am I the only freak?

What I’m at the high hormonal points of my cycle, and when I’m pregnant, artificial sweeteners give me pounding headaches just like you describe. No chewing gum, no flavored yogurt, no diet Coke during those times.

That’s what happens when you leave it on the bedpost overnight.

It only gives me a headache if I have to hear someone chew it!

If anything, it’s the opposite for me. When I am nervous, anxious or just tense, I clench my jaw. That gives me a headache. If I chew some gum, I can’t clench. No headache.

Darn you! shakes fist

I opened this thread just to post that - and you got here first. :stuck_out_tongue: