Spearmint gum and sinus problems

Twice in two days, I’ve had sinus pressure and congestion seemingly disappear while chewing spearmint gum. Coincidence? Chewing did it? Mint did it? What do you think?

I know the chewing motion can help mine, but I’ve never noticed a difference with mint. That said, I wonder if the vending machine downstairs has any spearmint gum that I can try.

Oddly enough, spearmint gum gives me sinus headaches!

Hmmm I’m allergic to dust, and ignoring it is much easier than being super clean, so some congestion is a daily issue. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a difference with gum although if given a choice i prefer cinnamon. I also don’t pay really pay that much attention unless things are worse than the norm so I might be missing an effect if there is one.

Chewing helps my sinuses. Sometimes minor irritants loosen up the mucous membranes so maybe that’s a factor too.