Does Drew Carey Lean to the Right?

I notice that he’s had Rush Limbaugh as a guest on his show. The day after the show aired, Rush was cagey about Drew’s political beliefs. However, many callers stated (in so many words) “Well, Rush, he had you on his show, fer Chrissake!” Rush responded to such calls by basically saying that his appearance on the show was basically a publicity stunt for both parties (himself and Drew) and that nothing should be read into it.

Next week Ben Stein is going to be a guest.

So should I add Drew to my admittedly short list of Hollywood conservatives?

IIRC, Drew Carey was seen at Bush’s Inaugeration Ball, and he was in the military (Marines, I think). I get a feeling he leans to the right.

No matter, I’d still watch his show.

His tailor says that he hangs to the left, is that the information you wanted?

Dunno about Drew Carey, but what about Charleton Heston?

In People magazine (Before the jokes start, I bought it because it had a cover story on Survivor, and I was preparing to lead a discussion on the principles behind the show. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :D) dated February 5, 2001, on page 51 there’s a picture of Drew at the Ohio ball with singer Linda Davis. The caption says

I don’t think he necessarily leans to the right, he’s just less liberal than many Hollywood folks, which comes off as looking right. I think he’s more Libertarian than Republican (e.g., he has a fairly liberal view on drugs and the futility of the drug war). He’s an Ordinary Average Guy.

Palandine, who’s looking at her list of famous Libertarians on her cubicle wall: Clint Eastwood, Kurt Russell, John Laroquette, Penn Jillette, Denis Leary… :smiley:

Mr. C, the trade phrase is “he dresses to the left,” not “hangs.” Though they mean the same thing, of course.

On both Jay Leno and Howard Stern he confessed that he voted Libertarian for President.

Hee hee, get back in your box :smiley:

Hangs worked SO much better with leans, I had to make the transgression :o)

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